Whore II

Whore II

"Whore II" is a docudrama about prostitution. The film is unconnected with Ken Russell's "Whore", a film based on a stage play about the politics of exploitation. It was written and directed by Amos Kolleck.


"Whore II" delves into the seedy world of prostitution using some actresses, but also some real prostitutes. It is when the genuine prostitutes, with their ravaged complexions and slurred speech are on screen, that the film has its greatest impact.

"Whore II" can be at times both depressing and deeply disturbing. In one segment a prostitute describes how a client of hers gets off by watching her crush small animals to death. She describes how he likes to hear the animals scream when she puts her weight down on them. The entire time this woman is speaking, she appears to maintain the attitude that it is her client who is demented, while she is merely doing a job. At no time does she appear to have any remorse for the animals she crushes or any sense of responsibility for being the one who is killing them; it's just all in a day's work.

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