Klorofil Platform

Klorofil Platform

Klorofil Platform is a PHP based platform developed by Klorofil Collaboration Project (Klorofil). The goal of the platform is to add more features to PHP in order to ease software development with PHP.

Some of Klorofil Platform features are:
* GUI framework for building GUI application with PHP named as gambArt
* Web application framework named as Semok
* Provide useful classes. Some of currently available classes are: collection, I/O, networking (SMS, e-mail, HTTP, socket)
* Televoke (Klorofil distributed computing)

In future versions, more features will be added to the platform, such as:3D library and gambArt GUI builder.

With Klorofil Platform, user will get benefits such as:
* Shorten software development time
* Uses PHP to develop both web application and GUI application
* Ease software development with PHP
* Application was built on top of an open source project

External links

* [http://www.klorofil.org/ Klorofil Collaboration Project Website]

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