Sol is the Latin name of the Sun, and the modern word for "Sun" in Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Icelandic (""), Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. In Persian, it refers to a "solar year".

Sol or SOL may also refer to:


* the Solar system
* A solar day on Mars
* Sol Indiges, sun god in Roman mythology
* Sol Invictus, sun god in Roman mythology
* Sól (Sun), the Norse sun goddess
* *Sôwilô, the reconstructed Proto-Germanic name of the s-rune, meaning "sun"


* The Peruvian sol, used in Peru between 1863 and 1985
* The Peruvian nuevo sol, named after the earlier "sol", introduced in 1991
* The "sol" (later "sou"), a coin used in France during the 13th–18th century, derived from the Roman solidus
* The SOL Project, a complementary currency under development in France


* Klondike solitaire, card game (named "Sol" as part of the GNOME desktop environment and "SOL.EXE" on Microsoft Windows)
* Solution
* The Social Liberals (Austria)


* "Satellite of Love", fictional spaceship in the comedy TV series "Mystery Science Theater 3000"
* Satellite Orbital Laser, in the manga and anime "Akira"
* Scars of Life, an alternative rock band from Florida, United States
* School of Lock!, Japan Radio Program
* Second Order Logic
* Secure Operations Language
* Senator On-Line, a registered Australian political party
* Serial over LAN
* Service d'ordre légionnaire, collaborationist militia in Vichy France
* "The Shadows of Luclin", expansion to the Everquest computer game
* Ship of the Line
* Skilled Occupation List, skilled occupations acceptable for migration to Australia
* Sleep Onset Latency
* Society for Organizational Learning
* Speed of light
* Stadium of Light, home of Sunderland A.F.C.
* Standard of living, possessions and material wealth of a population
* Standards of Learning, set of standards Virginia students must meet before graduation
* Statute of limitations, legal term
* "Straight Outta Lynwood", "Weird Al" Yankovic's 12th album
* Stratford–Okahukura Line, secondary railway line in New Zealand


* "Sol.", a citation abbreviation for Daniel Solander, a standard botanical author
* Sol Badguy, a bounty hunter character of the "Guilty Gear" game series
* Sol Campbell, a football player
* Sol (comedian), a fictional character created by Marc Favreau
* Sol Lesser, a film producer
* Solomon "Sol" Trujillo, CEO of Telstra
* Sol Rosenberg, a fictional character created by prank callers the Jerky Boys
* Sol Stern, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute
* Sol Wachtler, former Chief Judge of the New York Court of Appeals


* SOL, California State Prison, Solano in the USA
* G (musical note), also known as Sol, the fifth note of the solfege music scale
*Sol Líneas Aéreas, an airline in Argentina.
* Sol (beer), brewed by "Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma" in Mexico
* Sol (colloid), suspensions of solid particles in a liquid, liquid form of Sol gel
* Sol gel, colloidal suspension that is gelled to form a solid
* Sol (newspaper), a weekly newspaper published in Portugal
* Sol-20, computer of Processor Technology
* Sonoma County Sol, an American soccer team
* Sól (band), a Danish one-man doom metal band
*Sol, an album from the German band Ougenweide
*Sól, Lublin Voivodeship, a village in Poland
*Sol, an online multiplayer game
*Sol, a daily newspaper published in Turkey


* Sol, a name used for warp drive in some non-English versions of the "Star Trek" television series
* Sol, an artifact from
* Sol, a mysterious rogue in the "Warriors" novels by Erin Hunter
* Sol Emeralds, mirrors of the Chaos Emeralds in the Sonic the Hedgehog series

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* Sole
* Sól

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