List of Formula One constructors

List of Formula One constructors

The following is a list of constructors which have competed or plan to compete in the FIA World Championship.

"This list is accurate as of December 30, 2007. For a list of currently active constructors, see CURRENTYEAR Formula One season."

Constructors and teams

In Formula One racing the terms "constructor" and "entrant" have specific and differing meanings. An entrant is the person or corporate entity that registers a car and driver for a race, and is then responsible for preparing and maintaining that car during the race weekend. As a result of this preparation role and active involvement in the running of the race, the term "team" has become commonly applied to an entrant organisation.

Under Article 6.3 of the FIA Sporting Regulations, "the constructor of an engine or chassis is the person (including any corporate or unincorporated body) which owns the intellectual rights to such engine or chassis."cite web|url= |title= 2007 Formula One Sporting Regulations |work= FIA |accessdate= 2008-04-11 (.pdf)] The title of Formula One World Champion Constructor is awarded to the car "make" that has scored the most points during the course of the season, where a car's make takes into account both engine and chassis. Hence, if a car's chassis and engine constructor are the same entity (e.g. Ferrari, Toyota, BRM etc.) then the make is simply the name of that one constructor. However, where the chassis and engine are constructed by different entities the car's make comprises both (e.g. McLaren-Mercedes, Lotus-Climax etc.), with the name of the chassis constructor being placed before that of the engine constructor. As both engine and chassis are included in the make name, chassis run with different engines (e.g. Lotus-Ford, Lotus-BRM) are counted as two separate makes. In these cases, the World Champion title is awarded to the constructor of the chassis. For this reason, this list only considers chassis constructors. For more information on engines, see Formula One engines.

Since the early 1980s the FIA have required that Formula One entrants own the intellectual rights to the chassis that they enter, and so the terms "entrant" and "constructor", and hence also "team", have become synonymous. Before this time constructors were free to sell their chassis to as many other teams as they liked. Brabham and Lotus chassis were used extensively by other teams during the 1960s and 1970s and several quite competitive teams never built their own chassis. Rob Walker Racing Team was the most successful example, being responsible for the first victories in Formula One for both Cooper and Lotus. The concept of a "works" or "factory" team (i.e. the official team of the company producing the cars, as opposed to a customer team which buys them off the shelf) therefore applied to chassis in the same way as it does to engines in modern Formula One.

There have been some recent exceptions where a specialist company, not itself entered in the championship, has been commissioned to design and build a chassis for a team; Lola built cars for Larrousse and Scuderia Italia in the late 1980s and early 1990s, for example. Larousse had their points from the 1990 season erased after the FIA decided that they had falsely nominated themselves and not Lola as the chassis constructor. In 1978, the new Arrows team which had been established by former Shadow personnel was sued by Shadow on the grounds that the Arrows FA/1 car was a copy of Shadow's DN9 - a view upheld by the UK High Court, which placed a ban on Arrows racing the FA/1. There have been more recent cases with Ligier (1995), Sauber (2004), Scuderia Toro Rosso (2006 & 2007) and Super Aguri (2007 & 2008) where teams have been accused of using a chassis produced by another constructor (respectively Benetton, Ferrari, Red Bull Racing and Honda). No action was taken against any of these teams, the sporting authorities being satisfied in each case that the team owned the intellectual property to the chassis they raced.

On 29 July 2008, the Formula One Teams Association FOTA was formed at a meeting of the teams competing in the 2008 championship. This new organisation gives a united voice in ongoing discussion regarding the future of Formula One with the FIA and Bernie Ecclestone's Formula One Group. Headed by Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo cite web|url= |title= Montezemolo heads FOTA |work= |accessdate= 2008-07-31 ] , the first task of the FOTA will be to negoiate the terms of the new Concorde Agreement, the commercial contract which governs the championship, with the FIA and Bernie Ecclestone.

2008 Formula One Season constructors

smallsup|† Super Aguri F1 closed down on May 6, 2008, between the Spanish Grand Prix and Turkish Grand Prix.

Defunct constructors

Key: smaller|1=Races = Number of individual races entered; Drv. = Number of drivers; Entr. = Total number of race entries; Wins = Number of races won; Pts. = Number of Constructors' Championship points scored; PP = Number of pole positions; FL = Number of fastest laps; Pod. = Number of podium finishes; WCC = Constructors Championships won; WDC = Drivers' Championships won.

Notes::a Formally known as Footwork from 1991 to 1996.:b Formerly Tyrrell; subsequently became Honda Racing F1.:c Formerly Toleman; subsequently became Renault F1.:d Later Andrea Moda.:e Includes Politoys (F1|1972), Iso Marlboro (F1|1973-F1|1974) and Wolf-Williams (F1|1976) cars. Prior to 1972 FWRC ran customer chassis. Subsequently became Wolf.:f Formerly Stewart Grand Prix. Subsequently became Red Bull Racing.:g Subsequently became Midland F1 Racing.:h Does not include Kurtis' Indianapolis 500 (1950-1960) entries.:i Formerly March Engineering.:j Subsequently became Prost Grand Prix.:k Includes Larrousse (F1|1990) and Mastercard Lola (F1|1997) entries.:l Subsequenty became Leyton House Racing, later reappearing as March for one final season.:m Formerly Jordan Grand Prix; subsequently became Spyker F1.:n Subsequently Scuderia Toro Rosso.:o Formerly Onyx Grand Prix.:p Subsequently became Monteverdi.:q Subsequently became Fondmetal.:r Formerly Ligier.:s Subsequently became BMW Sauber.:t Formerly Midland F1 Racing; subsequently became Force India.:u Subsequently became Jaguar Racing.:v Subsequently became Benetton Formula.:w Subsequently became British American Racing.:x Formerly Frank Williams Racing Cars.

Indianapolis 500 only

Constructors whose only World Championship participation was in the Indianapolis 500 from 1950 to 1960. All were American-based.columns |width=9em
col1 =
* Adams
* Bromme
* Christensen
* Deidt
* Del Roy
* Dunn
* Elder
col2 =
* Epperly
* Ewing
* Hall
* Kuzma
* Langley
* Lesovsky
col3 =
* Marchese
* Meskowski
* Moore
* Nichels
* Olson
* Pankratz
col4 =
* Pawl
* Phillips
* Rae
* Schroeder
* Sherman
* Snowberger
col5 =
* Stevens
* Sutton
* Trevis
* Turner
* Watson
* Wetteroth

Privateer teams

The following are teams which never built their own chassis, and thus were not "constructors":columns |width=17em
col1 =
* BMS Scuderia Italia
* British F1 Racing
* BS Fabrications
* Camoradi International
* DW Racing Enterprises
* Ecurie Belge
* Ecurie Bleue
* Ecurie Bonnier
* Ecurie Ecosse
* Ecurie Espadon
* Ecurie Lutetia
* Ecurie Maarsbergen
col2 =
* Ecurie Rosier
* Enrico Platé [In 1952 and 1953 Scuderia Platé built their own engines for the Maserati-Platé 4CLT.]
* FR Gerard Cars
* Goldie-Hexagon Racing
* John Willment Automobiles
* Mecom Racing Team
* North American Racing Team
* Otelle Nucci
* Reg Parnell Racing
* Rob Walker Racing Team
* Scuderia Achille Varzi
col3 =
* Scuderia Ambrosiana
* Scuderia Centro Sud
* Scuderia Filipinetti
* Scuderia Milano
* Scuderia Sant'Ambroeus
* Silvio Moser
* T.A.S.O. Mathieson
* Team Gunston

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