PPM may refer to:

* In music:
** "Please Please Me", the first album by The Beatles.
* In computing:
**Perl package manager, a packaging system for distributing precompiled modules for use with the Activestate binary distribution of the Perl programming language
**Portable pixmap, a graphics file format
**Prediction by Partial Matching, a compression algorithm used in computer science
**Probabilistic Packet Marking, an IP Traceback method
**"Processor Power Management", an update of Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
**Pulse-position modulation, a form of data transmission
* In media:
**Portable People Meter, created by Arbitron to measure radio broadcast audiences
**Peter, Paul and Mary, a folk music group of the 1960s
* In science:
**Proton precession magnetometer, which measures the strength and/or direction of a magnetic field by measuring the resonance frequency of protons (hydrogen nuclei) in the magnetic field
**Parts per million, a way of quantifying small concentrations
**PPM Star Catalogue An astrometric catalogue of 378,910 stars
** In medicine:
***Permanent pacemaker or artificial pacemaker
***Persistent pupillary membrane, a condition in the eye
* In audio:
**Peak programme meter, a type of audio level meter
* In management:
**Product Portfolio Management, an aspect of Product Management
**Project Portfolio Management, management of a set of programmes as a single portfolio
*Pages per minute, a measure of speed often used to market printers or photocopiers
*Parry People Movers, a British company manufacturing lightweight railbuses
*Partido Popular Monárquico (People's Monarchist Party), Portuguese political party

*Persekutuan Pengakap Malaysia, the Scouts Association of Malaysia
*Planned Preventative Maintenance, a schedule/program for building maintenance
* In finance:
**Private Placement Memorandum, the initial offering document for a private placement
*In radio technology:
**Pulse-position modulation, a form of signal modulation

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