Bamf (originally Bampf [ jargon file entry on Bamf] ] ) (IPA: IPA|bæmfʔ)is a term from the Marvel Universe.


"Bamf" in the Marvel Universe relates to the X-Men character Nightcrawler and the resulting sound he makes when he teleports himself. The sound is caused by air rushing into the area where Nightcrawler's body once was. It has been borrowed as a teleport sound by fans of the series ever since.


In "Uncanny X-Men #153", Kitty Pryde tells a fairy tale to six-year old Illyana Rasputin, which includes a race of creatures called "Bamfs." Bamfs are small, super deformed versions of Nightcrawler (even wearing similar clothes to his classic costume), similar to plush versions of Nightcrawler seen in various issues.

Later, in the first "Nightcrawler" limited series, Nightcrawler is sent to another universe that is identical to Kitty's fairy tale, and there he encounters the Bamfs. Here, he discovers that female Bamfs don't look the same as male bamfs, they are taller and look very much like female versions of Nightcrawler himself.

In the comic "Exiles", a stuffed Bamf is seen in the bedroom of Nocturne. (Nocturne is another reality's Nightcrawler's daughter.)


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