Athabasca River

Athabasca River

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river_name = Athabasca River

caption = Athabasca River watershed in western Canada
origin = Columbia Icefield
mouth = Lake Athabasca
basin_countries =CAN
length = km to mi|1231|abbr=yes|precision=0Cite web|url= |title=Canadian Rivers |author=Atlas of Canada| authorlink= Atlas of Canada|accessdate=2007-01-16]
elevation = m to ft|1520|abbr=yes|precision=0 (foot of glacier)
mouth_elevation = m to ft|205|abbr=yes|precision=0
discharge = 20,860,000 dam³Cite web|url=|author=Environment Alberta|title=River Basins in Alberta|accessdate=2007-01-16]
watershed = km2 to mi2|95300|abbr=yes|precision=0
The Athabasca River (French: "rivière Athabasca") originates from the Columbia Glacier of the Columbia Icefield in Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada. The impressive and scenic Athabasca Falls is located upstream about km to mi|30|abbr=yes|precision=0 from the Jasper townsite.

In Woods Cree, the word "aðapaskāw" means " [where] there are plants one after another", [Bright, William (2004). "Native American Place Names of the United States". Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, pg. 52] likely a reference to the spotty vegetation along the river. The Canadian Heraldic Authority has named Athabaska Herald after the river.


Sekani, Shuswap, Kootenay, Salish, Stoney and Cree tribes hunted and fished along the river prior to the European colonization. David Thompson and Thomas the Iroquois travelled through the Athabasca Pass in 1811. In 1862, the Atahbasca springs area was crossed during the Cariboo Goldrush.


This river was designated a Canadian Heritage River for its importance to the fur trade and the construction of railways and roads opening up the Canadian west, as well as for its natural heritage. [Cite web|url=|author=Canadian Heritage River System|authorlink=Canadian Heritage Rivers System|title=Athabasca River|accessdate=2006-11-12]


Athabasca River originates at the toe of the Columbia Glacier, between Mount Columbia, Snow Dome and the Sir Winston Churchill Range, in Jasper National Park, at an altitude of approximately m to ft|1600.

The river flows along icefields, through gorges, offers wildlife habitat on its shores and adjacent marshes. National and provincial parks were established to protect this habitats and landscapes, such as Jasper National Park, Sundance Provincial Park, Carson-Pegasus Provincial Park, Obed Lake Provincial Park, William A. Switzer Provincial Park. The river also crosses the southeast limits of Wood Buffalo National Park, where its course is marked by rapids, impeding navigation north of Fort McMurray. [Cite web| url=|title=Athabasca River|year=2006|author=Encyclopædia Britannica|accessdate=2006-09-12|authorlink=Encyclopædia Britannica]

The Athabasca River travels km to mi|1231|abbr=yes|precision=0 before draining into the Peace-Athabasca Delta near Lake Athabasca, south of Fort Chipewyan and Wood Buffalo National Park. From there, its waters flow north as Slave River into the Great Slave Lake, which discharges through the Mackenzie River system into the Arctic Ocean. The cumulative drainage area is km2 to mi2|95300|abbr=yes|precision=0.

Many communities are located on the banks of this river. Among the larger ones are Jasper, Hinton, Whitecourt, Athabasca and Fort McMurray.


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