Intensity (disambiguation)

Intensity (disambiguation)

Intensity is a widely-used term, which can refer to:

In colloquial use:

In physics:
*Intensity (physics), power per unit area (W/m2)
*Field strength of electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic fields (V/m, T, etc.)

In optics:
*Radiant intensity, power per unit solid angle (W/sr)
*Luminous intensity, luminous flux per unit solid angle (lm/sr or cd)
*Irradiance, power per unit area (W/m2)

In astronomy:
*Radiance, power per unit solid angle per unit projected source area (W·sr-1·m-2)

In seismology:
*Mercalli intensity scale, a measure of earthquake impact
*Japan Meteorological Agency seismic intensity, a measure of earthquake impact
*Peak ground acceleration, a measure of earthquake acceleration (g or m/s2)

Other uses:
*Value intensity in philosphy and ethics
*In video luminous emittance, the luminous flux per unit area (lm/m2 or lux)
*Energy intensity, an economic measure of energy consumed per unit of GDP (J/$, etc.)
*Carbon intensity, any of several measures of release of carbon into the environment
*Exercise intensity, a measure of how much work is done during exercise (% of max heart rate)
*Intensity (novel), a novel by Dean Koontz
**Intensity (TV movie), a 1997 made for TV movie based on the novel

ee also

*Sound intensity

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