:"This article is about the Tcl object system. For the "Snit" featured on YTV see The Zone. For the "Snits" featured in the Steve Jackson board game see Snit's Revenge. "Snit" can also refer to a tear in the casing of a Zeppelin."

Snit is a recursive acronym that stands for "Snit's Not Incr Tcl." Snit is a pure Tcl object and megawidget system. It's unique among Tcl object systems in that it's based not on inheritance but on delegation. Object systems based on inheritance only allow inheriting from classes defined using the same system, which is limiting. In Tcl, an object is anything that acts like an object; it shouldn't matter how the object was implemented. Snit is intended to help build applications out of the code at hand. Thus, Snit is designed to be able to incorporate and build on any object, whether a hand-coded object, a Tk widget, an Incr Tcl object, a BWidget or almost anything else.

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* [ snit Home Page]
* [ Tcl lib snit]
* [ freeware version of ActiveState Tcl which includes XOTcl]

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