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Nihongo|"Gekigangar III"|ゲキ・ガンガー3|Geki Gangā Surī is an anime series, shown within the anime series "Martian Successor Nadesico" that plays a critical part in the plot thereof. Initially, only Gai Daigoji and Akito Tenkawa are depicted as enjoying the series. Later in the series, Hikaru Amano becomes the other resident anime fanatic, and towards the end of the series everyone on the ship learns to love the series.


"Gekigangar III" exists only as brief clips within "Nadesico", but a basic storyline can nonetheless be determined. As seen in the OVA, the story began with Professor Kokubunji (a character similar to the professors seen in other Super Robot series, such as Professor Saotome of "Getter Robo") discovering cave paintings somewhere underground placed by the “Super Paleolithic people”. The paintings predicted that the Kyo'akk Empire would invade the Earth, and provided plans for a super robot, Gekigangar III.

Other clips seen throughout "Nadesico" establish the characters and setting. The main characters, and pilots of the titular robot, are Tenku Ken, Umitsubame Joe, and Daichi Akira. The characters are similar in appearance and personality to the Getter Team from "Getter Robo", as well as having counterparts in "Nadesico" itself (most prominently Gai and the Jovian robot pilots).

Also similar to "Getter" is the Gekigangar robot, which is made up of three machines: the Gekiga Jet, piloted by Ken; the Gekiga Marine, piloted by Joe; and the Gekiga Tank, piloted by Akira. The names of the machines are similar to three of the component parts of Combattler V, bringing another 70's mecha anime into the influence on the series.

Like "Getter", the machines assemble in three different ways to form three robots: Gekigangar III is formed with "Jet" as the head and torso, "Marine" as its waist and upper legs, and "Tank" as its lower legs, and is similar to "Getter 1" in its preference for air combat. Umigangar is formed with "Marine" as the head and torso, "Tank" as the waist and "Jet" as the legs, and is the fastest, but weakest, form of Gekigangar. Finally, Rikugangar is formed with "Tank" as the head and torso, "Jet" as the waist and "Marine" as the legs, and is slow but has great brute strength. These last two, however, switch their best areas of battle from "Getter Robo": Umigangar works best underwater and Rikugangar works more on land, whereas Getter 2 was the land-based robot and Getter 3 was for water in that series.

The villains of "Gekigangar" are the Kyo'akk Empire, an alien race from the "Dark String Universe" (a galaxy shaped like the infinity symbol). They are led by the Emperor Hyperion, and under him Prince Akara. Throughout "Nadesico" we see that Akara sends out many "mecha-monsters" to fight Gekigangar.

There are only a few major plot advancements that occur in "Gekigangar", many of which are actually shown out of order in "Nadesico". In one clip, a new character, Cowboy Johnny is introduced. He is from America, and pilots the "Texas Robo" machine, an obvious parody of Jack King and the "Texas Mack" from "Getter Robo". Another clip features the death of Akara's sidekick, Mii-e Mii-e. Akara himself is killed later.

By far the most important plot moment in "Gekigangar" is the death of Joe, at the hands of Prince Akara's replacement, General Masaka. In "Nadesico", seeing this scene is a major bonding moment between Akito and Gai, and it is seen and heard several times in the first few episodes.

The characters continue to watch "Gekigangar" past this point, though not much is known about the remainder of the series. Joe is replaced by a new character, Ryuuzaki Tetsuya, and the Gekigangar III is replaced by Gekigangar V. (Like "Combattler V", the V is pronounced as the letter V; the English dub, however, referred to it as "Gekiganger 5"). Eventually, it is seen that Masaka is defeated. The final episode features a battle between the Gekigangar V (upgraded into "Spaceganger") and Emperor Hyperion, which Gekigangar is losing until the original Gekigangar III appears, piloted by Joe. With a final Super Passion Slash and Double Gekigan Fire, Hyperion is defeated. However, by this point most of the "Nadesico" characters have given up their fanaticism over Gekigangar; several characters criticize the ending.

The "Gekigangar III" OVA, "Hot-Blooded Great Battle!" includes all clips of "Gekigangar" shown in "Nadesico", a few never-before-seen clips, and a new "movie" featuring a battle between Gekigangar III and the Super Paleolithic people who designed it. The opening mimics that of Mazinger Z Vs. The Great General of Darkness, showing pictures of Gekiganger III that children drew, and involves a similar plotline to that movie as well.

Gekigangar within Nadesico

As "Nadesico progresses", we find that the very reason the Jovians (who are really humans) are attacking Earth is because they believe their cause to be just and that their path is the only true righteous one as they idolize the Gekigangar anime series. Toward the end, even Captain Yurika is a Gekigangar otaku. In the end, the Gekigangar series becomes a lesson on why people should not be narrow minded and think that their point of view is that of everyone else. That their moral code is the only one. A lot of violence and death occurs as a result of the Jovian's adaptation of this point of view into their society and their leader's attempts to preserve this adapted moral code.

Episode 14 of "Nadesico", "Let's go with hot-blooded anime", is both a recap episode for that series and an episode of "Gekigangar III". In that episode, the characters from "Gekigangar" watch "Nadesico"'s recap episode and comment on it at times. Both the heroes and villains of "Gekigangar" draw inspiration from "Nadesico" for their new technologies, with Prince Akara copying the Nadesico's distortion field and Professor Kokubunji countering it with the Gekigan Flare, which he later admits was inspired by "Nadesico". At the end of the episode, the "Nadesico" crew is seen watching the "Gekigangar" episode. Despite the continuity paradoxes this relationship causes, this episode is apparently canon to "Gekigangar", if not to "Nadesico", as Akara uses the distortion field again in the movie. The comments made by Ruri Hosino in regards to the story and how the next episode will get back on track with it at the end of the episode along with the fact that the placing of the episode seems odd giving the events in the episodes before and after episode 14. seem to suggest the Nadesico episode being non-canon at the very least.


It is often debated how Gekigangar is actually spelled. In the series, many times is it seen on posters or otherwise as Gekiganger, despite the kana for the title saying "Ge-ki-ga-n-gaa". Both the '-ger' and the '-gar' sound are represented with the kana 'ガー' for 'ga', with the horizontal stroke added to lengthen the syllable. Several popular super robots named in such a way, such as Mazinger Z, written "Ma-ji-n-gaa" and Grendizer, written "Gu-re-n-da-i-zaa," have been romanized using the "-er" spelling, only adding to the confusion.

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