name = Entoprocts

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image_caption = "Barentsia discreta"
regnum = Animalia
superphylum = Lophotrochozoa
phylum = Entoprocta
phylum_authority = Nitsche, 1869
subdivision_ranks = Orders
subdivision =
Barentsiidae (Urnatellidae)

Entoprocta (Gr. εντος, "entos" inside + προκτος, "proktos" anus) is a phylum of small aquatic animals, ranging in size from 0.5 mm to 5.0 mm. They have a lophophore, and as their name suggests, are distinguished from other lophophorates by the position of the anus inside the ring of cilia rather than outside. Other names include goblet worm and kamptozoan.

Entoprocts are filter feeders, their tentacles secreting a mucus that catches food particles, which is then moved towards the mouth by cilia on the tentacles. Nearly all species are sedentary, attached to the substrate by a stalk, with the body being cup-shaped. Some species are colonial, with multiple animals on branching systems of stalks.

Entoprocts can reproduce either by budding, or sexually. They are unusual in being sequential hermaphrodites.

The phylum includes about 150 species in several families. While most species are marine, the freshwater species "Urnatella gracilis" is widespread.

Family Barentsiidae
* Genus "Barentsia"
* Genus "Pedicellinopsis"
* Genus "Pseudopedicellina"
* Genus "Coriella"
* Genus "Urnatella"

Family Loxokalypodidae
* Genus "Loxokalypus"

Family Loxosomatidae
* Genus "Loxosoma"
* Genus "Loxosomella"
* Genus "Loxomitra"
* Genus "Loxosomespilon"
* Genus "Loxocore"

Family Pedicellinidae
* Genus "Pedicellina"
* Genus "Myosoma"
* Genus "Chitaspis"
* Genus "Loxosomatoides"

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