Subscapular artery

Subscapular artery

Infobox Vessel
Latin = arteria subscapularis
GraySubject = 149
GrayPage = 588

Caption = Axillary artery and its branches, including subscapular artery - anterior view of right upper limb and thorax.

Caption2 = The scapular and circumflex arteries.
BranchFrom = Axillary artery
BranchTo = circumflex scapular artery, thoracodorsal artery
Supplies = Latissimus dorsi
The subscapular artery, the largest branch of the axillary artery, arises at the lower border of the Subscapularis, which it follows to the inferior angle of the scapula, where it anastomoses with the lateral thoracic and intercostal arteries and with the descending branch of the transverse cervical, and ends in the neighboring muscles.

About 4 cm. from its origin it gives off two branches, first the scapular circumflex artery and then the thoracodorsal artery.

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