Rule of Three

Rule of Three

Rule of three may refer to:
*Rule of three (medicine), judgement of likelihood of harm in drug trials.
*Rule of three (Wiccan), a tenet of Wicca
*Rule of three (mathematics), a computation method in mathematics
*Rule of three (writing), a principle of writing
*Rule of three (play), a series of one-act plays by Agatha Christie
*Rule of three (aviation), a rule of descent in aviation
*Rule of three (C++ programming), a rule of thumb that says that if a class has one of the following—destructor, copy constructor, assignment operator—it probably needs all three
*Rule of three (programming), a code refactoring rule of thumb.
*In survival skills, the rule of three is a rule of thumb for prioritizing needs

It may also refer to:
*Rule of thirds, a compositional rule of thumb in photography

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