Symbol (disambiguation)

Symbol (disambiguation)

Symbols are objects, characters, or other concrete representations of ideas, concepts, or other abstractions. Symbol may also refer to:
* Symbol (data), the smallest amount of data transmitted at a time in digital communications
* Debug symbol, debugging information used to troubleshoot computer programs, analyze memory dumps
* Symbol (typeface), one of the four standard PostScript fonts
* Symbol Technologies, an AIDC company based in Holtsville, New York, United States
* Symbol grounding, the problem of how symbols acquire meaning
* Casablanca Conference (1943), codenamed SYMBOL
* "Simbolul", a Romanian literary magazine

In music:
* Symbol Records, a record label
* Symbol (choir), the name of a choir in Romania
* "Symbols" (album) 1997 album from the industrial rock band KMFDM
* Symbols (band), a Brazilian heavy metal band

In theology:
* Symbol (liturgical theology), in contrast to a sign, and relevant to liturgy.

ee also

* Symbolic (disambiguation)
* Symbolism
* Cymbal
* Semeiotic
* Semiotics

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