Gnaw is the name of a Sharkticon, in the fictional Transformers universe.

It is also a chewing action that most rodents do.

Generation 1

Transformers character
name =Gnaw

caption =Wheelie and Gnaw
affiliation =Decepticon
subgroup =Sharkticons
rank =
function =
partner =
motto =
alternatemodes =Monster
series =
voiceby =

Transformers: The Movie

Gnaw was one of the Sharkticons seen in the planet Quintessia that captured Hot Rod. Gnaw was intended to be a generic Sharkticon soldier.

Dreamwave Productions

Instead of being a Decepticon, the Gnaw in Dreamwave Productions is an Autobot ally. Gnaw's first appearance in fiction was in the Dreamwave Productions Generation 1 series. In the continuity, Gnaw is an Autobot friend of Wheelie. They were part of a rebel group led by Kup, Hot Rod and Optimus Prime, and Gnaw particitapes in the battle against Shockwave. However, Dreamwave's closure means that more stories of Gnaw can not be told.

IDW Publishing

Gnaw can be seen in the cover page of Transformers Spotlight on Galvatron, as one of the monsters attacking him.


*Generation 1 Gnaw

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