name = Parazoa
fossil_range = Ediacaran - Recent

image_width = 240px
image_caption = A sponge
domain = Eukaryota
regnum = Animalia
subregnum = Parazoa
subregnum_authority = Grant & Todd, 1838
subdivision_ranks = Phylum
subdivision = *Porifera

The Parazoa are an ancestral subkingdom of animals, literally translated as "beside the animals". Parazoans differ from their choanoflagellate ancestors in that they are macroscopic and have differentiated cells, but unlike "true animals" (Eumetazoa), they do not have tissues. The only surviving parazoans are the sponges, which belong to the phylum Porifera. Some include Placozoa, a phylum that consists of only one species, "Trichoplax adhaerens", in the division, but they are also sometimes placed in the subkingdom Agnotozoa. Parazoa are asymmetrical (meaning they display no symmetry) all other animals will display some sort of symmetry. There are currently 5000 species, 150 of which are freshwater. Larvae are planktonic and adults are sessile.


* Biology 7th edition, Campbell and Reece, 2005

*it has a globular body with dark black color.
*it mainly consists of spongin fibres having the capacity of holding the water.
*it was of household use for cleaning the body.
*it was also used in making cushions or in offices for wetting or counting currency notes and papers.

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