Image (disambiguation)

Image (disambiguation)

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Image or Images may refer to:
* Image, an reproduction of the likeness of a subject
**Real image, an image formed by rays of light passing through the image
**Virtual image, an image formed by rays that do not intersect at the image
*** Mirror image, a virtual image behind a mirror
** Digital image, a discrete representation of a picture as used in computing
* A reputation
* Image (mathematics), the set of values taken by a function
* Mental image, a picture in one's mind
* IMAGE, a NASA spacecraft that observed the Earth's magnetosphere from 2000–2005
* Image frequency, an undesired input frequency in radio reception
* Image Entertainment, a major home video and television distribution company
* Image (board game), a 1972 board game by 3M
* "Image" (album), a 1992 album by Luna Sea
* Image Comics, an American comic book company
* Selwyn Image, a British academic

* Disk image, a computer file containing the complete contents and structure of a data storage device.
* ROM image, a computer file which contains a copy of the data from a read-only memory chip.
* System image, the state of a computer or software system stored in some form.

Images may refer to:
* Several sets of pieces by Claude Debussy:
** "Images pour orchestre", for orchestra (1905–1912)
** "Images inédites", for piano (1894)
** "Images", sets 1 and 2, for piano (1905, 1907)
* "Images (Skempton)" a set of piano pieces by Howard Skempton
* "Images (ballet)" by Miriam Mahdaviani (1992)
* Images (album) by Italian singer Lucio Battisti (English-language)
* "Images - The Best of Jean Michel Jarre", album (1991)
* Images (film) directed by Robert Altman (1972)
* "Images (Brotherhood of Man album)" (1977)
* The Images (disambiguation)

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