1653 in literature

1653 in literature

The year 1653 in literature involved some significant events.


* James Shirley's masque "Cupid and Death" is performed on March 26.
* Pierre Corneille retires from the theatre for six years.
* John Evelyn buys Sayes Court, Deptford.
*Robert Cox of the Red Bull Theatre is arrested for performing a "play".

New books

*Richard Brome - "Five New Plays", a collection of his dramas including "A Mad Couple Well-Match'd, The Novella, The Court Beggar, The City Wit", and "The Damoiselle"
*Margaret Cavendish - "Poems and Fancies"
*Ann Collins - "Divine Songs and Meditations"
*Sir Percy Herbert - "The Princess Cloria", Parts 1 and 2
*Edward Johnson - "A History of New England"
*Blaise Pascal - "Traité du triangle arithmétique"
*James Shirley - "Six New Plays", a collection of his drama including "The Brothers", "The Sisters", "The Doubtful Heir", "The Imposture", "The Cardinal", and "The Court Secret".
*Jeremy Taylor - "Twenty-five Sermons"
*Sir Thomas Urquhart - the first English translation of Rabelais' "Gargantua and Pantagruel", Books I and II
*Izaak Walton -"The Compleat Angler"
*Arthur Wilson - "The History of Great Britain, being the Life and Reign of King James I."

New drama

* Anonymous - "The Ghost, or the Woman Wears the Breeches" published
*John Ford (attributed to) - "The Queen" published
*William Heminges - "The Fatal Contract" published
*Henry Killigrew - "Pallantus and Eudora" published (Killigrew's revision of his own "The Conspiracy", 1638)
*Philippe Quinault - "Les Rivales"
*Paul Scarron - "Don Japhel d'Arménie"


* January 13 - Philipp Jakob Spener, theologian (died 1705)
* "probable" - Nathaniel Lee, dramatist (died 1692)
* "probable" - Matthew Tindal, deist writer (died 1733)


* May 26 - Robert Filmer, political writer (born 1558)
* July 10 - Gabriel Naudé, librarian and scholar (born 1600)
* September 3 - Claudius Salmasius, classical scholar (born 1588)
* "date unknown" - Zachary Boyd, poet (born 1585)
* "date unknown" - Piaras Feiritéar, Irish language poet (born c.1600)

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