1884 in sports

1884 in sports

in?=in sports
cp=18th century
c=19th century
cf=20th century



*World Series the First - Providence NL defeats New York AA, 3 games to none.
*Ned Williamson hits 27 home runs for the Chicago White Stockings, establishing a record that will last for 35 years. He nearly doubles the record of 14 set the season before by Harry Stovey.

=Football (Canadian)=

*The Canadian Rugby Football Union, forerunner of the Canadian Football League is established.

Football (Soccer)

*FA Cup - Blackburn Rovers beat Queen's Park (Glasgow) 2-1
* Leicester City football club formed.


*British Open - Jack Simpson

Horse Racing

*May 16 - Buchanan wins the Kentucky Derby


*Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race - Cambridge


*Cresta Run constructed for skeleton
*Gaelic Athletic Association founded to promote hurling and Gaelic football


*February 8 — Reginald Baker, Australian athlete, sports promoter and film actor (d. 1953)
*February 29 — Frederick Grace, English lightweight boxer (d. 1964)
*June 2 — Ferdinando Minoia, Italian champion racing driver (d. 1940)
*August 3 — Georges Boillot, Grand Prix motor racing driver (d. 1916)
*August 4 — Henri Cornet, French cycling champion (d. 1941)
*August 4 — Jacobus Hoogveld, Dutch athlete (d. 1948)
*December 31 — Edgar Page, British field hockey player (d. 1956)

No date

*Candy Jim Taylor — player and manager in Negro League baseball


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