1714 in literature

1714 in literature

The year 1714 in literature involved some significant events.


* Sir Samuel Garth, poet and royal physician, is knighted by King George I of Great Britain
* Death of Queen Anne of Great Britain, which threw many writers out of position and put them into opposition.
* Accession of George I of the United Kingdom, who brought with him a whig ministry, and notably the rise of Robert Walpole and indictment and trial of both Robert Harley and Henry St. John.

New books

* Anonymous - "A Compleat Key to The Dispensary" (in re Samuel Garth's 1699 poem)
** - "The Court of Atalantis" (attrib. to Delarivière Manley, but possibly John Oldmixon or others)
** - "The Ladies Tale" (stories)
** - "The Ladies Library" (ed. Richard Steele)
* John Arbuthnot - "A Continuation of the History of the Crown-Inn"
** - "A Postscript to John Bull"
* Daniel Defoe - "A Secret History of the White-Staff" (reporting allegations against Harley)
* William Diaper - "An Imitation of the Seventeenth Epistle of the First Book of Horace"
* Thomas Ellwood - "The History of the Life of Thomas Ellwood"
* Laurence Eusden - "A Letter to Mr Addison, on the King's Accession to the Throne"
* Abel Evans - "Prae-existence: A poem, in imitation of Milton"
* John Gay - "The Shepherd's Week"
* Charles Gildon - "A New Rehearsal" (an attack on Pope, "et al.")
* Anthony Hamilton - "Memoirs of the Life of the Count de Grammont" (transl. Abel Boyer)
* Samuel Jones - "Poetical Miscellanies on Several Occasions"
* William King et al. - "The Persian and the Turkish Tales, Compleat"
* Gottfried Leibniz - "Monadologia"
* John Locke - "The Works of John Locke" (posth.)
* Bernard de Mandeville - "The Fable of the Bees"
* Delarivière Manley - "The Adventures of Rivella; or, The History of the Author of the Atalantis"
* Alexander Pope - "The Rape of the Lock"
* Nicholas Rowe - "Poems on Several Occasions"
* William Shakespeare - "The Works of Mr William Shakespear" (ed. Nicholas Rowe, 3rd edition)
* Alexander Smith or "Captain Alexander Smith" - "The History of the Lives of the Most Noted Highway-men, Foot-pads, House-breakers, Shop-lifts, and Cheats..."
* Richard Steele - "The Crisis"
** - "The Englishman" (collection and end of the periodical)
** - "The Lover" (periodical)
** - "Mr Steele's Apology for Himself and his Writings"
** - "Poetical Miscellanies" (with contributions from Pope, Thomas Parnell, John Gay, Thomas Warton, Edward Young, and others)
** - "The Public Spirit of the Tories" (attrib.: response to Swift)
** - "The Reader" (periodical)
* Jonathan Swift - "The First Ode of the Second Book of Horace Paraphras'd"
** - "The Public Spirit of the Whigs"
* Ned Ward - "The Field-Spy"
* Edward Young - "The Force of Religion"

New drama

* Susanna Centlivre - "The Wonder! A Woman Keeps a Secret"
* Robert Hunter - "Androboros"
* Charles Johnson - "The Victim"
* Nicholas Rowe - "The Tragedy of Jane Shore"


* January 1 - Kristijonas Donelaitis, poet (died 1780)
* April 14 - Adam Gib, theologian (died 1788)
* November 13 - William Shenstone, English poet (died 1763)
* James Hervey, the anatomist
* George Whitefield, the preacher


* June 22 - Matthew Henry, Biblical commentator (born 1662)
*"date unknown" - Charles Davenant, economist, son of Sir William Davenant (born 1656)
*"date unknown" - Antonio Magliabechi, librarian (born 1633)

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