Sadmind (computer worm)

Sadmind (computer worm)

The Sadmind worm was a self-propagating piece of malware.

It exploited vulnerabilities in both Sun Microsystems' Solaris ( [ Security Bulletin 00191] ) and Microsoft's Internet Information Services ( [ MS00-078] ), for which a patch had been made available seven months earlier. It was discovered on
May 8, 2001.

fuck USA Government
fuck PoizonBOx
Message displayed on sites altered by Sadmind worm.
The worm defaced web servers with a message against the United States government [" [ Unix/SadMind - Worm - Sophos threat analysis] ". Accessed January 13, 2008.] and the anti-Chinese cracking group PoizonBOx. [Raiu, Costin. " [ One Sad Mind] ". Accessed January 13, 2008.]


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* [ CERT Advisory CA-2001-11]
* [ F-Secure Virus Information:Sadmind]

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