Nhi Le Records

Nhi Le Records

Nhi Le Records (NLR) is a record label founded in Canada in 2002 by Nhi Le.

Initially focused on European classical music, NLR branched out to combine classical melodies interlaced with Hip-hop drum beats. As of April 21, 2006, NLR signed producer Pavan Parashar (double P) to a multi-hundred dollar contract to diversify their current sound and introduced 'swing' into the beats.

After years of talent scouting, Nhi Le wanted to sign talents that would further the credibility of his record label. On February 11, 2007, he settled his eyes on Kent Wilson, known on the streets as the 'street pharmacist'. With his knowledge of drugs (mostly legal), the streets, as well as his notorious freestyles, he cornered KWSP (Kent Wilson- Street Pharmacist) during a Kaplan MCAT class and asked him to join not knowing that he was in negotiations with Roc-A-Fella Records, Bad Boy Records, and Aftermath Records. After playing hard-ball tactics, he convinced KWSP to join Nhi Le Records after offering him signing bonuses of auto-show tickets, and free rides in his pre-pimped '98 Cadillac Deville Concours. Upon immediate signing, KWSP requested a transfer to Albany, New York (NY) to expand the operations into NY and to also hone his craft. Such request was honored.

As of 2007, Kim Robinson has taen over as manager for Nhi Le records sales division.

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