A Fix with Sontarans

A Fix with Sontarans

serial_name=A Fix with Sontarans
type=Special episode

caption=The Sixth Doctor meets his match in an 8 year old fan
doctor=Colin Baker (Sixth Doctor)
companion=Janet Fielding (Tegan Jovanka)
guests=*Clinton Greyn — Group Marshal Nathan
*Tim Raynham — Sontaran
*Gareth Jenkins — Himself
writer=Eric Saward
director=Marcus Mortimer
series="Jim'll Fix It"
length=9 mins total
date=23 February 1985|

"A Fix with Sontarans" is the name of a specially written episode of the long-running science fiction television series "Doctor Who", produced for the BBC children's programme "Jim'll Fix It". Featuring Colin Baker in character as the Sixth Doctor, it was broadcast on 23 February 1985. It is not generally considered to be canonical by "Doctor Who" fans. [cite web |url=http://www.drwhoguide.com/fix.htm |title=A Fix with Sontarans |accessdate=2007-02-28 |last=Mento |first=Charles |work=Doctor Who Reference Guide]


The Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) is working the controls in the TARDIS, and he accidentally teleports his former companion Tegan Jovanka (Janet Fielding) on board. She is less than happy about this, and reluctantly agrees to help the Time Lord. He reveals that two Sontarans are on board, and they possess a powerful vitrox bomb with which they intend to blow up the time machine.

The Doctor then accidentally beams on board an Earthling called Gareth Jenkins, who happens to be dressed in an outfit similar to his own. Gareth agrees to help in any way he can, and helps The Doctor set a trap for the Sontarans. The two aliens break into the console room. The leader introduces himself as Group Marshall Nathan and demands that the Doctor introduces his group. Upon hearing Gareth's name, Nathan reveals that in 2001 their invasion of Earth would be foiled by a brave rebel called Gareth Jenkins; and if they kill him now their future success is assured. However, Gareth springs their trap and kills the two villains. Jimmy Savile then appears and presents Gareth with his "Jim'll Fix It" medal, and as an added treat, the prop "Mezon gun" the Sontarans used.

Cast notes

*Janet Fielding was asked to participate in the sketch when Nicola Bryant proved unavailable to reprise her role as the Doctor's then-current assistant Peri Brown.
*Despite rumours to the contrary, the young Gareth Jenkins in this broadcast is not the same Gareth Jenkins who currently works as a composer, audio engineer, and actor for "Doctor Who" audio play producers Big Finish.


*Although this skit may never have been intended to be strictly canonical, attempts are made within it to fit it into continuity. Peri's absence is not explained, but when Tegan arrives (wearing a flight attendant's uniform similar to the one she wore in the series), the Doctor explains that he has regenerated; since Tegan witnessed this once before, she is not fazed. She is also shown to be somewhat familiar with the TARDIS controls, in keeping with her character in her earlier appearances, and the Doctor's relationship with her is carefully handled.
*Although it was produced prior to "The Trial of a Time Lord", it is possible to place this in the Doctor's timeframe after the events of that storyline, and before his official first meeting with Melanie Bush.
*Alternatively, it could be placed around the time of the Big Finish Audio "Davros", in which the Doctor is also travelling alone and which itself takes place shortly after the Sontaran story "The Two Doctors".
*In the Short Trips story "", Samantha Baker attempts to fix continuity by having the Doctor return Gareth and Tegan.
*In the Past Doctor Adventures novel "Business Unusual", though, "A Fix with Sontarans" is explained away as having been a dream.
*See also, "Dimensions in Time".

Outside references

Group Marshal Nathan and his subordinate, unnamed on screen but referred to as "Turner" in the script, were a sly reference to "Doctor Who" producer John Nathan-Turner.

Broadcast and releases

"A Fix with Sontarans" was broadcast during the run of "The Two Doctors" and is featured as an extra on the DVD release of that story. [cite press release |title=Doctor Who: The Two Doctors DVD |publisher=BBC Worldwide |date=2006-08-03 |url=http://www.bbc.co.uk/pressoffice/bbcworldwide/worldwidestories/pressreleases/2003/08_august/two_doctors.shtml |accessdate=2007-02-28]


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