JIT may refer to:

* Various meanings of Just In Time:
** Just-in-time compilation - a technique for improving the performance of virtual machines in computing.
** Just In Time (business) - a business inventory strategy.
* Jabber-ICQ-Transport.
* Joint Interoperability Tool-a tool used by the Joint Interoperability Test Command JITC to register systems.

Jit may refer to:J.I.T. " Juvenile Delinquent in Training": Southern slang used to describe the "Thug" youth element. This term has origins in the "Youth Correctional System".

* Jit, a style of Zimbabwean dance music.
* Jit (movie), 1991 Zimbabwean movie
* Jit (Corvette), An abbreviation for "Jawvette", also known as a Corvette.
* Jit (town), a Palestinian town in the West Bank.

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