ABS is a three-letter initialism that may call :
* Able Seaman (rank)
* Able Seaman (occupation)
* Abu Simbel Airport (IATA airport code: ABS), in Abu Simbel, Egypt
* Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, a plastic
* Acute Bacterial Sinusitis, sinus inflammation resulting from bacterial infection.
* Adult bookstore
* Airport Base Station, Apple's WLAN solution, AirPort
* Akita Broadcasting System, a broadcasting station in Akita Prefecture, Japan
* ABS-CBN, a broadcasting corporation in the Philippines
* Albino Blacksheep, a website
* American Bach Soloists, an American chamber music ensemble
* American Bible Society
* American Bouldering Series, the national governing body of competitive bouldering in the United States.
* American Boy Scouts, an early Scouting organization
* American Breeders Service, now ABS Global
* American Bureau of Shipping
* Amniotic band syndrome
* Anchor Bible Series
* Animal Behavior Society
* Anti-lock braking system, an electronic automotive safety system for the vehicle braking system
* Arch Build System, an Arch Linux tool
* Archbold Biological Station, a research station in Florida, USA
* Asset-backed security, a financial term
* Association of Broadcasting Staff
* ABS (TV station), the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Adelaide TV station
* Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia's official statistical organisation
* Automatic Brightness Stabilizer / Automatic Brightness Stabilization controller, adjusts the x-ray generator to maintain a preset image brightness level during fluoroscopy
* Abingdon Boys School, a Japanese Rock band.
* Automatic Block Signal, a railroad signal system in the United States

Abs or abs can also be:

;an abbreviation:
* Abdominals, abdominal muscles
* Absolute value of a number, its value without regard to sign; its magnitude
* Absolutive case
* Absorbance in regard to Spectroscopy
* All Blacks, the rugby team of New Zealand
* (lambda) Abstraction, (λname.expression)

;a nickname:
* Abby Sciuto, "NCIS" character
* Abs Breen, member of the former UK boy band 5ive
* Abs Denham
* Michael Absalom, a former CBBC presenter, usually referred to as "Abs" on air

* See Abs (surname)

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