TSO is a three letter abbreviation commonly used to represent:

In science and technology

*TCP segmentation offloading
*Technical Standard Order, a minimum performance standard issued by the FAA for certain items used on civil aircraft
*Time Sharing Option, an interactive command line interpreter for IBM mainframe operating systems MVS, OS/390 and z/OS
*Transmission System Operator
*Trichuris suis, wva, eggs of the swine whipworm
*Technical Safety Organisations, organisations which deliver services supporting the national nuclear regulatory authorities, in the field of nuclear and radiation safety.

In music

*Taipei Symphony Orchestra
*Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra
*Tokyo Symphony Orchestra
*Toronto Symphony Orchestra
*Trans-Siberian Orchestra


*Tax Service Office
*Territory Sales Organization
*Transportation Security Officer
*A local sorority at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois
*The Stationery Office, British publishers
*Travaux du Sud-Ouest, a French transportation company


*The Sims Online, a massively multiplayer game (now EA Land)
*The Singular Online, a web-based massively multiplayer role-playing game


*Jose Mourinho, a former Chelsea and FC Porto manager whose nickname is "The Special One"
*Zuǒ Zōngtáng (左宗棠), known simply as General Tso


*The Sacred Octagon, the bi-monthly journal of the New England MG T Register (an organisation of MG enthusiasts)
*The ICAO airline designator code for Transaero
*Total Shares Outstanding, a financial term referring to the stock held by investors, including restricted shares, as well as those held by the public
*Tourist Standard Open, a type of British Railways coach
*Marcos TSO, a sports car manufactored by Marcos Engineering Ltd.
*Transmission System Operator, the unit responsible for transmission of physical energy such as gas or oil in energy trading networks.
*Texas State Optical, a chain of doctor-owned eye care clinics located in various cities throughout the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

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