Head bondage

Head bondage

Head bondage, in BDSM play, includes all techniques used to apply control to the head of the subject. It may refer to one of several techniques:

:It may refer to encasing the head in a bondage hood, a head harness or a box, or the use of a device such as a Scold's bridle (also referred to as a branks). A head harness may include a blindfold and/or gag. The encasement may include or be supplemented by a wide, stiff posture collar round the neck to restrict movement of the head.

:It may refer to the use of rope or other material to achieve control of the head. In particular, it may refer to pulling the head backwards by hair bondage or a rope attached to the back or top of a hood or head harness. It is also possible to use a rope attached to a blindfold or gag, but this is usually less secure and may cause excessive pressure on a small part of the face; in particular, with a gag, the corners of the mouth may be injured.


As with all other forms of BDSM activity, safety must be of paramount concern. Any technique or device that severely limits the ability of a subject to move their head freely, or puts it in an awkward position for a prolonged period, can result in a stiff neck, blood flow problems or nerve-based effects such as numbness. Knowledge, care and close supervision are required to avoid any permanent injury.


* "Jay Wiseman's Erotic Bondage Handbook", Jay Wiseman, Greenery Press, 2000, ISBN 1-890159-13-1: subchapter "Hoods": pages 217-220

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Many web sites exist to instruct the visitor in the technique and art of rope bondage. These sites may give step-by-step instructions along with images to show each step and are designed to help people to experiment with rope bondage themselves. These sites include:
* [http://www.graydancer.com/ropewiki/index.php/Main_Page Ropewiki] Dead link|date=October 2008
* [http://ropebondage.awardspace.com/ The Complete Rope Bondage Site]
* [http://www.theduchy.com/ The Duchy] - From an introduction to basic knots through complex Japanese style bondage

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