Master Key

Master Key

:"This article is about the game from "The Price Is Right". For the security key, see master key."

Master Key is a pricing game on the American television game show "The Price Is Right". Debuting on March 25, 1983, it is played for three prizes – a car, and two other prizes (worth at least $500). This game also uses two small prizes (worth less than $100).


The contestant is shown two small prizes, one at a time, each with a three-digit number displayed. The contestant must decide whether the first two digits or the last two digits (eg: $46 or $68 if 468 was displayed) are the correct price. A correct choice wins the prize and a choice of one of five keys. If the contestant fails to win any keys, the game immediately ends.

Each of the five keys has a different effect on the three locks which represent the car and two other prizes in the game. There is one key for each of the three locks, one key that opens nothing, and one "master key" that opens all three locks.

The contestant inserts their chosen key into each of the locks, one at a time, to see which lock it opens, if any. The contestant wins the prizes represented by any locks that are opened. If the contestant has won two keys, the process is repeated with the second key, unless the first was the master key and all three locks are already open.

The only way to win all three prizes in Master Key is to choose the master key. If a contestant has the master key, it will be obvious after it opens more than one lock. If a key opens the first lock, the contestant will usually be told to skip right to the third lock for the car to add to the excitement if the lock opens.

Behind the scenes

The "unlocking" mechanism for the prizes is controlled by the position of magnets in the keys. The three single-prize keys have one magnet each, all in different spots; the master key has magnets in all three spots; and the "dud" key has no magnets.

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