BB may stand for:


*Beast Boy
*Benazir Bhutto
*Benjamin Burnley, lead singer of Breaking Benjamin
*Benny Benassi
*Brandon Boyd, lead singer of Incubus
*B. B. King
*Big Brother
*Big Black
*Brigitte Bardot
*Blues Brothers
*Ben Browder, an American film and television actor, best known for playing "John Crichton" on "Farscape"
*Cathy Dingman, professional wrestler formerly known as BB or Barbara Bush
*Bill Belichick, Head Coach of The New England Patriots
*Brent Butt, comedian and television actor
*British Bulldog, a pro wrestler
*Denys Watkins-Pitchford, illustrator and author

Places and locations:

*Barbados, International Organization for Standardization 3166-1 and obsolete North Atlantic Treaty Organization 2-letter country code
*Bethany Beach, Delaware.
*Blackburn, BB is the List of postal areas in the United Kingdom for the region in northern England which is served by Blackburn postal sorting office
*Bourbon County, Kansas, state county code
*Blind Brook High School, a public high school in New York
*Blind Brook School District, a school district in New York
*Business Bay, a district in Dubai

In science and technology:

*Branch and bound, a general algorithm
*Ball bearing
*Big Bang
*British Birds magazine
*Basic block
*BlackBerry, a personal digital assistant (PDA) made by RIM.
*Black Brant (rocket), a Canadian sounding rocket
*Bottom bracket, the crank hub of a bicycle
*Buffer base, a blood value
*Toyota bB, a car sold in Japan
*NZR Bb class, a New Zealand locomotive class


*Boys' Brigade, an international non-denominational Christian youth organization
*Berlin Brigade, the headquarters of the U.S. Military Forces in Berlin, Germany until 1994
*Seaborne Airlines, IATA airline code
*Buckingham Branch Railroad, reporting mark
*Banco do Brasil, Brazil's oldest bank
*Bayerischer Bauernbund, former German political party
*Best Buy, a Fortune 100 retailer.

In entertainment:

*Badd Blood, WWE PPV
*Batman Begins 2005 superhero film
*Batman Beyond animated television series
*Backstreet Boys American pop boy-band
*Beastie Boys American band
*Ballroom Blitz, a 70's rock track by Sweet
*Beach Blast, WCW ppv
* Big Boss, a character from the "Metal Gear" series
*Big Brother (disambiguation)
*"Big Brother" (TV series)
*"Battlebots", a robotic combat television show, as well as the name of the company that produced it
*Big blind, in poker
*Blood Bowl, miniature game
*Boom Blox, video game for the Wii
*Bugs Bunny
*Breaking Benjamin, an alternative rock band from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
*Beavis and Butthead
*Bible Black
*A main character's name from Grander Musashi
*Bullet Bill, a character in the Mario series
*Buzzy Beetle, a character in the Mario series

BB may also mean:

*Black British, an ethnic group of the United Kingdom
*BB, demo program for AAlib
*BB gun, especially the ammunition for it
*BB-caliber ammunition
*Baby, in Chinglish
*Battleship, US Navy hull classification symbol
*Base on balls in baseball
*Barebacking, in gay slang
*Blessed be, a Pagan expression
*BBCode, markup language used in most forums
*Bulge bracket, a term used in the investment banking industry
*Ballbusting, torture of the male genitals
*Brown Brigade, a band feature Dave "Brownsound" Baksh
*Bed & Breakfast (often also B&B), a type of boarding house or inn

ee also

* "B ♭" or "B-flat major" - musical scale
* .bb, the ccTLD for Barbados
* B&B
* Back to back

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