Ælfweard of Wessex

Ælfweard of Wessex

Infobox British Royalty|Monarch
title=(perhaps) King of Wessex

imagesize = 250px
rank = 8th
reign=(perhaps) 17 July,924 - 2 August,924
predecessor=Edward the Elder
date of birth=unknown
place of birth=Wessex
date of death=death date|924|8|2|df=y
place of death=Oxford
place of burial=Winchester Cathedral
spouse =
father=Edward the Elder

Ælfweard (born 904, died 2 August, 924) was the second son of Edward the Elder, the eldest born to Ælfflæd. The only contemporary source, the Anglo Saxon Chronicle, simply states that he died just weeks after his father's 17 July 924 death and that they were buried together at Winchester Cathedral. Some modern historians conclude that he had succeeded his father (in preference to his older half-brother Athelstan), or perhaps, since it is then reported that Athelstan was accepted as king by the Mercians, that the two divided the realm. Alternatively, some view Athelstan as the only heir to his father. If king, Ælfweard was probably never crowned, dieing 2 August 2 924 at Oxford. Athelstan as was not crowned king of Wessex until 4 September, 925 more than a year later.

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