Fadhli Sultanate

Fadhli Sultanate

Fadhli ( _ar. فضلي [Unicode|Faḍlī] ), or the Fadhli Sultanate (Arabic: سلطنة الفضلي [Unicode|Salṭanat al-Faḍlī] ), was one of the original "Nine Cantons" that signed protection argreements with Great Britain in the late 19th century and became part of the British Aden Protectorate. It was a founding member of the Federation of Arab Emirates of the South in 1959 and its successor, the Federation of South Arabia, in 1963. The capital of the Fadhlis was Zinjibar and their sultanate incorporated the surrounding Abyan region. The last sultan, Hussein Ahmed Saeed bin Freed Alfadhli, of Yrames, Almaar, was deposed and the state was abolished in 1967 upon the founding of the People's Republic of South Yemen and is now part of the Republic of Yemen.

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* [http://members.aol.com/yalnet/leaders.htm Yemen - Rulers and Leaders]
* [http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/ye_fadhl.html CRW Flags - Flags of the World]

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* Gavin, R.J. "Aden Under British Rule, 1839-1967".

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