Shasta McNasty

Shasta McNasty

"Shasta McNasty" (later "Shasta") was a television program that aired on UPN during the 1999-2000 season. The show was a half-hour sitcom created by Jeff Eastin and produced by Eastin and Neal Moritz. The show starred Carmine Giovinazzo, Jake Busey, Dale Godboldo, Jolie Jenkins, and Verne Troyer.

Although Shasta McNasty premiered with less-than-favorable reviews from critics, the program was nominated for a People's Choice Award for best new comedy. Halfway through the season, UPN changed the show's title from "Shasta McNasty" to "Shasta".


Shasta McNasty featured three men — Scott, Dennis and Ran — in a rap/rock band. They spent their time creating mischief and checking out attractive women on Venice Beach — anything but writing their song lyrics. They hated their landlord and always avoided paying rent on their Venice Beach loft apartment.

Episode list

The show was cancelled after the first season ended, presenting only 22 episodes between May 1999 and January 2000.

#Pilot 10/5/1999 Shasta McNasty is a rap/rock band made up of the three slackers Scott, Dennis and Randy. While the guys should spend their days practicing their music, they can usually be found hanging out on Venice Beach, drinking in Captain Verne's Bar or coming up with wacky ideas to make life a little more interesting. "Writer: Jeff Estin Director: Dennis Dugan Guest star: Mary Lynn Rajskub (Diana), Mark Daniel Cade (IRS Agent), Lionel D. Carson (Cop), Cindy Margolis (Our girl), Paul "The Big Show" Wight (Huge Pizza delivery guy)"
#Little Dude 9/30/1999 Scotty is involved in a brawl with Verne, an angry little person, and his girlfriend is not too happy about it. "Guest star: Gary Coleman (Himself), Richard Kline (Mr. Kenny), Heather Kozar (Playmate Cindy)"
#Adult Education 10/12/1999 Dennis is a guest on 'Win Ben Stein's Money'. "Writer: George Doty Director: Dennis Dugan Guest star: Ben Stein (Himself), Gerry Del Sol (Talent scout), Adam Consolo (Travis), Kelly Vaughn (Jamie), Marion Dugan (Contestant #1), Eliott Goretsky (Elliot), Jennifer Jean Snyder (Kandy), Cheryl Kennard (Barbara), Iqbal Theba (Meb), Scott Caudill (Bully)"
#Chubby Chick 10/19/1999 Dennis thinks that his chubby girlfriend will dump him when she loses weight. "Writer: Caryn Lucas Director: Neal Israel Guest star: Dona Hardy (Grandma O'Malley)"
#The Return of Buster 11/2/1999 Scott convinces Dennis and Randy to spend Halloween watching scary movies with him, but he soon becomes scared as he has a nightmare involving Buster the talking parrot. "Writer: Jeff Eastin Director: Craig Zisk Guest star: Jack Donner (Evil doctor), Roland Kickinger (Buff Dennis), Cindy Margolis (Our Girl), Angelo Tiffe (The Detective)"
#Angels in Lingerie are Devils in Disguise 11/9/1999 Scott attempts to transform Tina, a clumsy waitress, into a sexy lingerie model. She has trouble finding a job when they realise that she looks exactly the same as Victoria's Secret model Suzanne Lanza. Dennis tries to help out, and lands himself a job in the process. "Writer: David M. Rygalski Director: Steve Holland Guest star: Suzanne Lanza (Herself/Tina), Nancy Linari (Matty), Nika Frost (Photographer), Chloe Hunter (Woman #1)"
#Viva Las Vegas 11/16/1999 Dennis convinces Randy and Scott to come on his road trip to Las Vegas following the sequence of his free coupon book. The trip turns into a disaster when Scott's former high school girlfriend sticks her new boyfriend, a hitman, onto the boys. "Writer: Jeff Eastin Director: Dennis Dugan Guest star: Lisa Boyle (waitress), Diana Uribe (Scott's Ex)"
#The Thanksgiving Show 11/23/1999 When the boys take a trip to the homeless shelter on Thanksgiving, Dennis is reunited with his deadbeat father, Jack. Jack moves in with the boys, but soon they are all sick of him, and try to get him and his stripper girlfriend back together, so he will move back out. "Writer: Jeff Eastin Director: Dennis Dugan Guest star: Gary Busey (Jack), Steph Duvall (Hampton), Debi A. Monahan (Nicki)"
#The Menace from Venice 12/7/1999 The boys decide to turn Verne into a professional boxer after he gets into a fight with another little person in a club. "Guest star: Elena Bertagnolli (Tammy), Jon Simanton (Eric), Angela Jones (Rosana), Kevin Thompson (Spike), Tonya Watts (Mary Lou), Melvin 'Shorty' Rossi (Lil' Joe)"
#Bed Worthy 1/18/2000 As Dennis babysits the landlord's grandchildren, he entertains them with a story involving the boys, Diana and a bed. "Writer: Bill Canterbury Director: Alan Cohn, Dennis Dugan Guest star: J. P. Manoux (Nicolai), Michael Welch (Jeff)"
#Big Brother 1/25/2000 When the boys return from Tijuana, they learn that Eduardo, a bull fighter, has stowed away in their trunk in order to find his long-lost fiance. Meanwhile, Dennis joins a big brother programme, but his little brother soon begins copying his every move. "Writer: Richard Gurman Director: Steve Holland Guest star: Erik Estrada (Himself/Eduardo), Joe J. Garcia (INS Agent), Joe Rokicki (Dougie), Idalis DeLeon (Maria)"
#Leo is a Pain in My... 2/1/2000 Dennis sells people looks at the rash on his behind in order to collect money to pay the rent. "Writer: Jeff Eastin Director: Neal Israel Guest star: Danny Arroyo (Carlos/El Killer Bee-O), Michael Burger (Rusty Dugan), Lilyan Chauvin (Sister Mary), Larry Hankin (Vorheves), Joe Rose (Manager), Ruben Garfias (Ring announcer), Michael Garvey (Sheriff), Roland Kickinger (Big weightlifter), Michael Reid MacKay (Triclops), Naomi Kale (Girl #1), Jaime Bergman (Girl #2)"
#The Crush 2/8/2000 The band brainstorms new ideas for names, when they discover they can not use the 'McNasty' in Shasta McNasty. Meanwhile Diana tries to sabotage Scott's latest relationship after she reveals she has romantic feelings for him. "Writer: George Doty IV Director: Alan Cohn Guest star: Chris Connor (Justin), Jamie Anderson (V) (Carol), Thomas Bankowski (Tourist #1), Troy Blendell (Tourist #2), Lauren Cohn (Woman #1), Paul Leighton Nygro (Waiter)"
#The F Word 2/15/2000 Diana accidentally draws Scott's ex-girlfriend to him, when she attempts to find out more about his past. Meanwhile, Dennis encounters 'perfume withdrawal', as he searches to find his girlfriend the perfect gift for Valentine's Day. "Writer: Richard Gurman Director: Craig Zisk Guest star: J. P. Manoux (Nicolai), Nicole Forrester (Michelle), Lindsey Stoddart (Perfume girl) "
#True Size 2/22/2000 Verne enlists the help of Michelle and Diana when a scam leaves his bank account empty. "Guest star: Nicole Forester (Michelle Price), Thomas Crawford (Teller), Jeffrey Ross (Bank manager)"
#The Shortest Yard 5/30/2000 Verne bets his arch rival that his less than great Pee-Wee League football team will win a game. Meanwhile, Scott and Randy bribe a cheerleading team to appear, by telling them that an LA Laker cheerleading scout will be in the crowd. "Director: Savage Steve Holland Guest star: Rick Ducommun (Cliff), Michael Deutchma (Charlie), Karonn Hendeerson (Timmy), Carla Mackauf (Amber), Jon Simanton (Little Person #1), Clay Rivers (Little Person #2)"
#Bachelorette Party 6/6/2000 When Diana's boss makes her throw a bachelorette for his fiance, she is convinced by the boys to have it at Captain Verne's Bar, with the boys doing the catering. The boys, however, have other plans as Verne installs a secret two-way mirror and begins charging people to watch the party. The bride-to-be convinces Dennis to bring out the kinky lingerie and the stripper, making it a night none of them will soon forget. "Writer: Jimmy Aleck, Jim Keily Director: Craig Zisk Guest star: Erik Estrada (Cop), Julie Wittner, Patrick Neil Quinn, Johnny Dark (Guy #1), Ryan McTavish (Male stripper)"
#The Sugar Pill 6/13/2000 Shasta's performance for a record executive at Captain Verne's Bar is interrupted by Scott having to entertain Verne's date's sister, Michelle's unexpected return and Dennis taking experimental psychotropic pills for money. "Writer: Bill Canterbury Director: Alan Cohn Guest star: Brian Stepanek (Unknown), Nicole Forester (Michelle Price), Pamela Paulshock (Erica), Brian Stepanek (Vic), Roxana Brusso (Receptionist), Emily Kuroda (Nurse)"
#The Quiz 7/11/2000 After another one of Dennis' ideas for theme nights at Verne's goes awry, they come up with an idea for "Underwear night" and trick Scott into being the poster boy. Meanwhile, Diana claims she's over Scott and thanks Ran for his help by hooking him up with one of her workmates... who turns out to be perfect for him, until Dennis gets involved. "Director: Daniel Silverberg Guest star: Brian Lawler (Himself/Grandmaster Sexay)"
#Blue Flu 7/18/2000 All of the guys each come down with a bad case of the flu, and learn about some of the simpler things in life. "Guest star: Shannon Maureen Brown (Sasha), Nicole Forester (Michelle Price), Ion Overman (Tanya), Leslie Danon (Woman #1), Linda O'Neil (Woman #2)"
#Play Dead, Clown 7/25/2000 The guys meet Twinkles the clown, and we then see which third of Shasta is frightened of them. "Guest star: Caitlin Wachs (Chloe), Elizabeth Hobgood (Julie), Jeff Doucette (Twinkles the clown)"
#Behind the Band: 2010 8/1/2000 The guys get an insight into what their futures will be like, if they continue on the road they are heading. This makes them wonder if they even want to be in a band anymore. Guest star: "Writer: Travis Romero Director: Savage Steve Holland Vanna Salviati (Scott's mom), Brian Stepanek (Vic)"

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