Wolf (disambiguation)

Wolf (disambiguation)

Wolf or wolves may refer to:



* Gray Wolf, commonly referred to simply as the "wolf", which has numerous subspecies including:
** Arctic Wolf
** Eastern Wolf
** Eurasian Wolf
** Japanese Wolf, extinct
**Hokkaido Wolf
**Honshū Wolf
** Mexican Wolf
** Italian Wolf
** Tundra Wolf
* Husky - a breed of the domestic dog often mistaken to be a wolf.
* Red Wolf, rare species in Eastern USA
* Dire Wolf, extinct prehistoric species
* Prairie wolf or coyote
* Eastern Wolf, traditionally considered to be a subspecies of the Gray Wolf, now a recognized distinct species
* Ethiopian Wolf, resembling a fox
* Indian Wolf, a recently recognized species
* Maned Wolf, exclusive to South America
* Irish wolf Hunted to extinction, late 18th century

Other animals

* Wolf Spider
* Wolf herring, found in warm coastal waters
* Seawolf (fish), a species of fish
* Wolf Snake


* Wolf, Wyoming, community in the USA
* Mount Wolf, Pennsylvania, borough in the USA
* Wolf Point, Montana, city in the USA
* The Wolves, two rocks in the Bristol Channel, UK
* Wolf Lake, Minnesota, northeast of Ely, Minnesota, USA
* River Wolf, in Devonshire in England
* Wolf Creek (disambiguation)
* Wolf Lake (disambiguation)
* Wolf River (disambiguation)
* Wolf Rock (disambiguation)
* Wolverhampton, sometimes abbreviated to "Wolves"


* Comet Wolf, any of two or three comets
* Wolf 359, a star in the constellation of Leo
* Wolf 424, a star in the constellation of Virgo
* Wolf 1061, a star in the constellation of Ophiuchus
* Wolf (crater), on the moon
* MassWolf, a mass spectrometry data formats convertion software


* Wolf (name), including surnames and given names
* Hugo Wolf, 19th-century Austrian composer
* Wolf Blitzer, CNN newscaster
* Michael Van Wijk, Wolf on British TV show "Gladiators"
* Don "Hollywood" Yates, Wolf on the US TV show "American Gladiators"


* Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C., English football team, commonly known as "Wolves"
* Warrington Wolves, English rugby league team
* Wolverhampton Wolves, English motorcycle speedway team, competing in the Elite League
* Chicago Wolves, US minor league ice hockey team in the AHL
* Manchester Wolves, US a minor league arena football team in the af2
* A car constructed by Walter Wolf Racing, a late-1970s-era Formula One auto-racing team
* Minnesota Timberwolves, an NBA team based in Minneapolis, MN
* Sudbury Wolves, an Ontario Hockey League junior ice hockey team
* The Portugal national rugby union team, also known as "Wolves", in portuguese, "Lobos".


* Wolf interval, unusual musical interval in music theory
*Howlin' Wolf, a blues singer
*The Wolfe Tones, an Irish band, named after the Irish rebel Theobald Wolfe Tone
* Wolf tone, a noise produced on some stringed instruments
* Wolf (band), a Swedish heavy metal band
* "Wolves" (Idiot Pilot album), an album by Idiot Pilot
* "Wolf", a song by Veruca Salt from their 1994 album "American Thighs"
* "Wolf", a song by Iced Earth from the 2001 album "Horror Show"
* "Wolves" (song), from American heavy metal band Machine Head's 2007 album "The Blackening"
* Darryl Way's Wolf, a British progressive rock band formed by Darryl Way

Radio and television

* WOLF (AM), a radio station (1490 AM) licensed to Syracuse, New York, United States
* WOLF-FM, a radio station (96.7 FM) licensed to Oswego, New York, United States
* WOLF-TV, a television station (channel 56) licensed to Hazleton, Pennsylvania, United States
* 107.7 The Wolf, independent station in Wolverhampton, UK
* KPLX-FM, branded as 99.5 The Wolf, a country music station in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
* 106.5 FM The Wolf , Kansas City Country Music Station.
* Wolf, a gladiator in the television show Gladiators


* Wolf (APC), Namibian produced armored personnel carrier
* Wolf Armoured Vehicle, Israeli produced armored personnel carrier
* Land Rover Wolf, a military utility vehicle in service with UK Armed Forces and the Dutch Marine Corps
* Wolf, a South Devon Railway Eagle class 4-4-0ST steam locomotive

Video Games

* "Wolf" (game), a simulation game where the player takes the role of a wolf
* "Wolfenstein 3D", sometimes shortened to just "Wolf"
* Wolf O'Donnell, a character in the Star Fox video game series


* Capitoline Wolf, ancient sculpture
* Wolf Ammunition
* "Wolf", 1994 werewolf horror film
* "Lupin III", a manga and anime known for a time as "Wolf" due to copyright issues
* Wolf Camera Centers
* Wolf Prize, a science and art award
* "Wolves", a children's book by Emily Gravett
* The "Wolf" predator, from the 2007 film

See also

*Lone Wolf
*Wolf man

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