1828 in literature

1828 in literature

The year 1828 in literature involved some significant events and new books.


* The first volume of John James Audubon's 10-volume "The Birds of America" is published.
* Noah Webster publishes his 70,000 word "American Dictionary of the English Language".
*Nikolai Gogol leaves school and goes to Saint Petersburg.

New books

*Anna Eliza Bray - ""
*Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton -"Pelham"
*Selina Davenport - "Italian Vengeance and English Forbearance"
*Elizabeth Caroline Grey - "De Lisle"
*Gerald Griffin - "The Collegians"
*Jane Harvey - "The Ambassador's Secretary"
*Ann Hatton - "Uncle Peregrine's Heiress"
*Nathaniel Hawthorne - "Fanshawe"
*Robert Huish - "The Red Barn"
*Washington Irving - "The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus"
*Jane C. Loudon - "The Mummy!"
*"The Lustful Turk" (anonymous)
*John Neal - "Rachel Dyer"
*Susanna Rowson - "Lucy Temple"
*Sir Walter Scott - "The Fair Maid of Perth"
*Rosalia St. Clair - "Ulrica of Saxony"

New drama

*Franz Grillparzer - "Ein Treuer Diener"
*Johan Ludvig Heiberg - "Elverhøi"


*Adam Mickiewicz - "Konrad Wallenrod"


*George Combe - "The Constitution of Man"
*Barbara Hofland - "Africa Described, in Its Ancient and Present State"
*Washington Irving - "The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus"


* February 8 - Jules Verne, novelist and science fiction pioneer (d. 1905)
* February 12 - George Meredith, novelist and poet (d. 1909)
* February 14 - Edmond About, novelist and journalist (d. 1885)
* March 20 - Henrik Johan Ibsen, dramatist (d. 1906)
* April 4 - Margaret Oliphant (d. 1897)
* May 12 - Dante Gabriel Rossetti (d. 1882)
* September 9 - Leo Tolstoy, novelist (d. 1910)
* September 17 - Louise Flodin, journalist (d. 1923)
* October 8 - Francisque Sarcey, journalist and critic (d. 1899)


*January 16 - Johann Samuel Ersch, bibliographer
*January 26 - Lady Caroline Lamb, novelist and lover of Lord Byron
*March 16 - Johann Georg August Galletti, historian
*April 25 - François Benoît Hoffmann, dramatist and critic
*June 8 - William Coxe, historian
*June 11 - Dugald Stewart, philosopher
*June 21 - Leandro Fernández de Moratín, Spanish dramatist & poet
*October 13 - Vincenzo Monti, poet
*"date unknown" - Henry Beekman Livingston, poet



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