Schleicher ASW 28

Schleicher ASW 28


The ASW 28 is a Standard Class glider with a fifteen metre span built of modern fibre reinforced composites. The manufacturer of the ASW-28 is Alexander Schleicher GmbH & Co. The 'W' indicates this is a design of the influential and prolific German designer Gerhard Waibel. Serial production started in 2000.

As all Standard Class sailplanes, the ASW-28 does not have flaps or other lift-enhancing devices. It has tall winglets, a retractable undercarriage and a water ballast system. The structure is a complex composite of carbon, aramid and polyethylene fibre reinforced plastic. This permits a light structure with the strength to carry large amounts of water ballast, thus permitting the widest possible range of wing loadings for weak and strong soaring weather.

The ASW-28 supersedes the ASW 24 in the manufacturer's production line. It has - like its competitors Rolladen-Schneider LS8 and Schempp-Hirth Discus-2 - a version with wing extensions for the increasingly popular 18 metre Class, the ASW 28-18. The sustainer (non-self-launching) variant of the 18 metre version is the ASW 28-18 E.

pecifications (with 15 metre wings)

met or eng?= met

capacity=200 kg (440 lb) water ballast
length m=6.59
length ft=21
length in=7
span m=15
span ft=49
span in=3
swept m=
swept ft=
swept in=
rot number=
rot dia m=
rot dia ft=
rot dia in=
dia m=
dia ft=
dia in=
width m=
width ft=
width in=
height m=1.30
height ft=4
height in=3
wing area sqm=10.5
wing area sqft=113
swept area sqm=
swept area sqft=
rot area sqm=
rot area sqft=
volume m3=
volume ft3=
aspect ratio= 21.4
wing profile= DU 99-147 and DU 99-125
empty weight kg=240
empty weight lb=528
gross weight kg=525
gross weight lb=1,155
lift kg=
lift lb=

eng1 number=
eng1 type=
eng1 kw=
eng1 hp=
eng1 kn=
eng1 lbf=
eng1 kn-ab=
eng1 lbf-ab=
eng2 number=
eng2 type=
eng2 kw=
eng2 hp=
eng2 kn=
eng2 lbf=
eng2 kn-ab=
eng2 lbf-ab=

max speed kmh=270
max speed mph=170
max speed mach=
cruise speed kmh=
cruise speed mph=
range km=
range miles=
endurance h=
endurance min=
ceiling m=
ceiling ft=
glide ratio= 45
climb rate ms=
climb rate ftmin=
sink rate ms= 0.56
sink rate ftmin= 110


ee also

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see also=


* [ Alexander Schleicher GmbH & Co]
* [ Sailplane Directory]
*Simons M, Segelflugzeuge 1965-2000, Eqip, 2004

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