Spy-fi is a genre of spy fiction that includes elements of science fiction. It often uses a secret agent or superspy whose mission is a showcase of science fiction elements such as technology and ideas used for extortion, plots for world domination or destruction, weapons in science fiction, gadgets and fast vehicles that can travel on land, fly, or sail on or under the sea. Spy-fi does not necessarily present espionage as it is practiced in reality. It is escapist fantasy that emphasizes glamour, adventure and derring-do.

For example:

*The spy protaganist may discover in his or her investigation that a mad scientist or evil genius and his secret organisation are using futuristic technology to further their schemes. Examples of this are attacks on the NASA space program in several James Bond films, using space travel technology to destroy the world as in "Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die", Weather control in "Our Man Flint", using a sonic weapon in "Dick Barton Strikes Back", a death ray in "Dick Barton at Bay", replacing world leaders with evil twins in "In Like Flint", or brainwashing assassins in "The Manchurian Candidate" and "Cypher (film)" or world leaders in "Due Mafiosi Contre Goldginer"/"The Amazing Dr. G".

*The spy protagonist may be issued and use their own futuristic technology such as weapons, exotic means of transport, and detection devices that have not been invented as of yet. An example of this are secret agents Jeffrey Hunter and France Nuyen issued time travel devices to thwart a plot in "Dimension 5" (1966). [ [http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0060311/ Dimension 5 (1966) ] ]

*The science fiction device may be a Macguffin such as the antigravity device in "Licensed to Kill (1965 film)"


Films and television series

* "Alias"
* ""
* "The Avengers"
* "The Bionic Woman"
* "Charles Vine"
* "Chuck"
* "Cypher (film)"
* "Danger Man"
* "Dick Barton"
* "Dimension 5 (film)"
* "Get Smart"
* "The Girl from U.N.C.L.E."
* "I Spy"
* "Jake 2.0"
* "James Bond"
* "Kim Possible"
* "Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die"
* "The Man from U.N.C.L.E."
* "The Manchurian Candidate
* "Matt Helm" films
* "Minority Report"
* ""
* "Nick Fury"
* "La Femme Nikita"
* "Our Man Flint"
* "The Prisoner"
* "Secret Agent Man"
* "The Secret Service"
* "The Six Million Dollar Man"
* "The Wild Wild West"


* ""
* "Metal Gear"
* "No One Lives Forever"
* "Splinter Cell"
* "Spycraft"
* "Syphon Filter"
* "Top Secret/S.I.

The spy-fi genre can also be found in anime series as well. Relatively known, mostly in Japan, are:
* "009-1"
* "Agent Aika"
* "Najica Blitz Tactics"
* "Read or Die"


* Biederman, Danny, Wallace, Robert, Einstein, Susan "The Incredible World of Spy Fi" 2004 Chronicle Books

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