Oodles is a fictional character in the long-running comic strip "Dick Tracy".

Oodles was first introduced as a 467-pound criminal who killed a man named Vulcan at his wife's orders, in exchange for $1000 a month. When Tracy discovers the body 20 years later, it brings the heat on her, and so she tries to cut Oodles' payments off. He retaliates by killing her.

Soon Tracy is after Oodles, who hides out at gangster Nothing Yonson's night club. Tracy interrogates Nothing about Oodles' whereabouts, but the hoodlum refuses to give up his cohort. Tracy receives from Nothing's photographer, Lizz. Oodles finds out, so he has Nothing's man, Joe Period, rough her up.

In retaliation, Lizz and her husband Jimmy help Tracy find Oodles at Nothing's private cabin. Oodles' gang is arrested and Oodles himself is killed when he tries to use his pen gun on Tracy.

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