Fine may be:
* An adjective meaning attractive, sexy, physically attractive, beautiful etc.


* Fine (penalty), financial punishment
* Fine of lands, an obsolete type of land conveyance
* Fine on alienation, money paid to the lord by a tenant when he had occasion to make over his land to another
* Fine (in leasing)


* Alan Fine
* Anne Fine (b. 1947), British author
* Arthur Fine, philosopher of science
* Benjamin Fine
* Fran Fine
* Gary Alan Fine
* Irving Fine (1914-1962), American composer
* Jeanna Fine (b. 1964), American erotic actress and dancer
* John Christopher Fine, American author, attorney, marine biologist, photojournalist
* John S. Fine
* Larry Fine (actor) (1902-1975), American
* Larry Fine (pianos), American technician and author
* Lou Fine
* Nathan Fine, mathematician
* Reuben Fine (1914-1993), American chess player
* Sylvia Fine (1913-1991), American songwriter
* Tommy Fine (1914-2005), American baseball pitcher
* Vivian Fine

Fictional character

*Fran Fine, title character of "The Nanny"

In the media

*F.I.N.E.*, an Aerosmith song from their 1989 album "Pump"
*"Fine" (album), by Snailhouse
*"Fine" (song), by Whitney Houston


* Fine topology (see Comparison of topologies), in mathematics, a topology that recognizes more open sets (and thus admits more continuous functions)
*Fine, New York, a town in the United States
*FINE, the informal umbrella association of the four main Fair Trade networks (FLO, IFAT, NEWS, EFTA)
*FINE Brand, brand of hygienic paper products in Jordan
*"Fine", point in a music transcription where its performance ends in accord with the position of a "da capo al fine" notation
*Fine, attribute of certain cricket fielding positions
*Fine (drink), French variety of brandy

See also

*Fein, including its variations and derivatives in surnames
*Fineness, purity of a precious metal
*Finings, wine-, beer-, and juice-clarifying agents

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