List of characters in the Dead or Alive series

List of characters in the Dead or Alive series

Main characters

Ryu Hayabusa


("DOA2, DOA3, DOAU, DOA4") He is Hayate's alter ego. Hayate suffered a memory loss and after being found by Hitomi, he was named Ein. He became a Karate instructor as well. He shares many of Hitomi's moves since they both practice the art of Karate.







("DOA4, DOAX2") A Japanese girl that uses the Hakkyokuken fighting style. Itagaki comments that Hakkyokuken was first used in "Virtua Fighter", which he calls the "origin of 3D fighting games." "Virtua Fighter's" main character, Akira, uses this fighting style, but Itagaki hopes to reproduce the martial art even more realistically in "DOA4". Kokoro is a geisha in training, but her heart is not in it, so she decides to join DOA.

Kokoro is a 17 year-old geisha-in training. Her mother, Miyako, was one of Fame Douglas' many mistresses (another being Helena's mother, Maria) and after Kokoro's birth Miyako and her child moved to the country. Kokoro began training to be a geisha, but her heart was actually in both training to be a geisha and martial arts. She asked her mother if she could participate in the 4th Dead or Alive Tournament, and she hesitantly accepted.

After several rounds of the tournament, Kokoro meets Helena who, unbeknownst to Kokoro, is her half-sister; however, Helena seems to recognize Kokoro and mentions Miyako before their fight. Kokoro's CG ending shows her returning home to pursue her training once again, doing things like fan dancing, playing the shamisen and a small drum.


("DOA1, DOA2, DOA3, DOAU, DOA4") A former Russian commando who joins the "DOA1" tournament to assassinate Fame Douglas, and later joins the "DOA3" tournament to retaliate against Donovan for the attempt on his life by a sniper.

Bayman was born and raised in Russia. He aspired to join the military, and became one of Russia's highly-trained commandos. But before he saw any action, the Soviet Union collapsed. Realizing the new regime would have no use for him, Bayman slipped through the cracks of the reformation. He took up the life of a mercenary, putting his skills to good use in all manner of lethal assignments. He found particular pleasure in assassinations, especially challenging or high-profile assignments.

His dream assignment came to him. Bayman entered into the first "Dead or Alive World Tournament" with the objective of assassinating its organizer, the renowned Fame Douglas, chairman of DOATEC. His task completed, Bayman fled, now branded an outlaw.

When the next tournament was announced, Bayman caught word of one of the entrants; an Italian mercenary named Leon. Bayman risked capture to enter the tournament again, hoping to find and challenge his old acquaintance.

After surviving a failed attack on his life (by a sniper), Bayman decides to retaliate against his former client Donovan and shows up at the third tournament.

Once again, Bayman has entered the latest tournament seeking revenge on Donovan. During the tournament, he is confronted by Helena who offers to help him in his quest for revenge. Bayman rejects the offer.

Bayman later also fights Christie, supposedly to settle a score of the enmity that aroused between the two of them, in which is his final battle.

At the end of the tournament, Bayman is held in captivity within the DOATEC Tritower and is being interrogated. However, during the chaos that erupts due to Ayane and Hayate's intervention, he frees himself, grabbing a pen and stabbing his hand wound (probably to stop the drug that has taken effect on him) while his interrogators flee, however getting themselves killed in the process with Ayane's spell effects. It is unknown of what happens to him afterwards as the interrogation room door closes and the last thing heard from him is his evil-like sneer. It is suggested that he is still alive because his ending video is titled "The Immortal".


("DOA2, DOA3, DOAU, DOA4") Made a promise in the desert to his dead lover "Rolande". She said the strongest warrior in the world is who she loves, so he joins the "DOA" tournaments to fulfill her expectation.

Gen Fu

("DOA1, DOA2, DOA3, DOAU, DOA4") An old martial arts master, he fights in "DOA" to obtain money to cure his sick granddaughter, Mei Lin. In "DOA2" he wanted to defeat Tengu, because the nose of Tengu can cure any disease. After "DOA2" he still needed money for the operation (the nose of the tengu was only a temporary cure) so he joins again in "DOA3".


("DOA4") A British-born apprentice of Gen Fu, and the youngest male fighter in the DOA universe, he enters the fourth DOA tournament to find out why Gen Fu chose him as his first, and only, apprentice.

Brad Wong

("DOA3, DOA4") A man who joins "DOA" in search of a riddle from his old master Chen, who told him to "bring the legendary drink called Genra." After three years of wandering on his journey he finds himself in the DOA fighting tournament. his last name "Wong" maybe taken from Jackie Chan's character in the movie "Drunken Master" 'Fei-Hung, Wong"

Jann Lee

("DOA1, DOA2, DOA3, DOAU, DOA4") A young martial arts expert who joins the Tournaments to show his superior Jeet Kune Do fighting abilities. He is met at the tournament by Lei Fang, a girl he had saved some six years prior from a gang's attack. In the time since she had become an accomplished martial artist, vowing to prove herself not helpless by defeating Jann Lee in the DOA World Combat Championship, something that - as of the ending of the third game - she has yet to do.

Not satisfied, Jann Lee enters later DOA tournaments to prove his fighting skills and looking to test himself against worthy opponents.

Lei Fang


Tina Armstrong

Bass Armstrong

("DOA1, DOA2, DOA3, DOAU, DOA4") A professional wrestler who wants to stop his daughter Tina from winning the DOA Tournaments.

Lisa / La Mariposa

("DOAX, DOA4, DOAX2")Lisa makes her first series appearance in "Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball". Although relatively new to the DOA series, Lisa is closely related to the DOATEC and the characters involved with it. Lisa has held the most number of different occupations and roles of any character in Dead or Alive, being a scientist, a stockbroker, a holiday rep and a masked luchadora. Her various connections whether with characters or in business makes her the most affiliated character in the series. In DOA4 it is found out she was involved in the Epsilon project.

Lisa can be considered a mixture between Tina Armstrong and Zack due to her powerful throws and quickly executed kicks. Her kicks are very effective, being especially adept at low- and mid-position tracking, and her counters nearly match those of Bayman in power percentage. Additionally, Lisa is unpredictable, making her difficult to counter and defend against; however, this unpredictability also makes Lisa a very difficult character to learn and master, and thus is very unsuited for beginning players. On 21 November 2006, Lisa was named IGN's "video game babe of the day". [Chris Carle, " [ Videogame Babe of the Day: Lisa: This beauty rocks the sand court in "DOA X2"] ," "IGN" (November 21, 2006).]

Boss Characters


("DOA1")(DOA1U) Kasumi and Hayate's uncle and the progenitor of the Mugen Tenshin's troubles. He raped their mother, who became pregnant with Ayane. He was defeated by Kasumi, during the 1st Dead or Alive tournament, thus deeming her its winner. He is playable in DOA1U.


("DOA2, DOA2H, DOAU, DOA4") is a mythological creature from Japanese folklore. In "DOA2" he wants chaos to reign over the world, but is stopped. His name was stated as "Gohyappou Bankotsubo", but he is more commonly known as simply "Tengu." Hayabusa eventually dispatched him. He is also an unlockable character in "DOA2, DOAU" and "DOA4."


("DOA3") Following Project Alpha and Project Epsilon, the ever ambitious Dr. Victor Donovan completes the Omega Project, producing a new Superhuman: Genra. This man, who was once leader of the Hajin Mon Ninja, is no longer human. He (or it) is a force of singular and unprecedented capabilities. A slaughterhouse has now been provided as the exclusive domain of the Omega superhuman. Genra was Ayane's adoptive father. He was defeated by Ayane, who won the third tournament.


("DOA4") ALPHA-152 was a clone of Kasumi created by DOATEC. She uses a fighting style similar to Kasumi's. Beta shots of the game show her appearance as Kasumi's figure made of light. However the final game changed this to a translucent/liquid figure of Kasumi, born with an untainted hate of the world, created to destroy all, and most of the main characters are forced to fight her.


partan-458 (Nicole)

Victor Donovan

He is the Leader of the DOATEC anti-Douglas faction and is head of the Development Department, a state of the art military fortress where ALPHA and OMEGA were developed.

In the first "Dead or Alive", Donovan employed the Russian assassin Bayman to kill DOATEC's chairman, Fame Douglas. This attempt is thought to have been successful, as Douglas died shortly after the event. The nature of Donovan's rebellion is thought to be controversy over experiments to be carried out to create an ultimate DOA fighter.

In "Dead or Alive 3" Donovan captures Helena, Fame Douglas' daughter, since she stands to inherit her father's position as chairman of DOATEC. He challenges Helena to win the "DOA3" tournament in order to gain her freedom and learn the truth behind the company. He also employs the assassin Christie to keep an eye on her.

Meanwhile, Bayman seeks revenge after Donovan plotted his assassination to tie up any loose ends.

Donovan is thought to be behind experiments such as Project Epsilon to which Hayate was subjected, the cloning of Kasumi, and the augmentation of Ayane's foster father Genra into the ultimate DOA fighter "'Omega". In Helena's ending of "Dead or Alive 4", Ryu is shown destroying a ship with a man who may or may not be Donovan. He was portrayed by Eric Roberts in the . (He was killed in the explosion of DOA Island in the 2006 move after being acupunctured in the back of his neck by Kasumi.)

Fame Douglas

He served as the head of DOATEC until he was assassinated by Bayman (Who was hired by Donovan) after arguing with Donovan in "DOA1". It is thought that he was opposed to the human experimentation proposed by Donovan, which led to his assassination. His illegitimate daughter, Helena, stands to inherit his position as chairman of DOATEC, but in DOA3 Donovan makes attempts to stop this from happening by kidnapping her and forcing her to compete in the tournament for her freedom. She escapes her imprisonment and goes onto inherit Douglas' position as chairman of DOATEC.


Helena's mother and one of Douglas' six mistresses. Maria was assassinated by Christie during an opera although the intended target was Helena. In DOA2 Helena mistook Ayane for the murderer.

Kuramasan Maouson

The leader of the Tengu race. He was killed so that he could enter the human world.

Irene Lew

Ryu's love interest, mentioned in Ryu's first DOA storyline.


Kasumi and Hayate's father, and Ayame's husband and Raidou's older brother. When he was a member of the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan, he was a stronger ninja than Raidou.


The mother of the two siblings, Kasumi and Hayate and the wife of Shiden. She was raped by Raidou, thus giving the birth of Ayane.

Mei Lin

She is Gen Fu's granddaughter. In the first DOA, she suffered a terrible disease, resulting in Gen Fu entering three DOA tournaments. In the fourth DOA tournament, she is fully recovered, hence Gen Fu no longer enters the tournament. She is sometimes mistaken as Lei Fang.

Master Chen

Brad Wong's old drunken master and great teacher of Zui Ba Xian Quan. He sent Brad Wong to search for a drink named Genra. He can be seen in Brad's story mode in DOA3.


The old legendary blacksmith of "Ninja Gaiden". He made several appearances in "DOA4" as the merchant who deals with Bass, Hitomi and Lei Fang in the Sea Side Market.


Bass' wife and Tina's mother. She died of a disease when Tina was six, forcing Bass to take care of her by himself.


("DOA3, DOAX, DOA4, DOAX2") Nikki is Zack's newest girlfriend. They met in a casino after the "Dead or Alive 3" tournament, when Zack won a large sum of money that allowed him to buy an island which he named after himself. He invited most of the females he remembered from the last tournament to his island under the false pretense of holding another tournament. The women arrived and after finding out it was a hoax, they decided to nonetheless spend their vacation there, but Zack and Nikki were eventually left alone on the island. However, a previously inactive volcano erupted, and Nikki decided to escape using Zack's jet pack. Zack survived, but his island was completely destroyed. During "Dead or Alive 4", they are seen robbing an ancient tomb and escaping in a truck filled with gold.

Nikki is Zack's lucky charm (Lady Luck) and he takes her everywhere with him, going as far as naming a beach on his island's eastern shore after her. In a recent video interview for the IGN website on E3, creator Tomonobu Itagaki said that players can expect at least two new girls to join the "Dead or Alive Xtreme 2" cast. Niki did indeed join the cast, but not in a player controlled role and appearing only in cut scenes with Zack as before.

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