Archibald Prize 2005 finalists

Archibald Prize 2005 finalists

Below is a list of finalists for the 2005 Archibald Prize (listed "Artist" - "Title"):

*Bruce Armstrong - "Self portrait"
*Rick Amor - "Shane Maloney"
*Martin Ball - "John Pule"
*John Beard - "Hilarie Mais"
*Jason Benjamin - "Staring down the past" (Winner of the Packing Room Prize)
*Annette Bezor - "Still posing after all this time (a self portrait)"
*Jon Campbell - "Double Darren"
*Adam Chang - "Gene & the doorway"
*Peter Churcher - "Portrait of Jeffrey Smart"
*Esther Erlich - "Lindy Wills"
*James Guppy - "Chagrin"
*Robert Hannaford - "Bob Brown"
*Nicholas Harding - "Bob's daily swim" (Winner of the People's Choice Award)
*Bill Hay - "Allan Mitelman"
*Terrence Hunter "Chapter Six - Self portrait"
*Paul Jackson - "Gretel Killeen"
*Raymond Kenyon - "The architect at home"
*Jasper Knight - "Richard Gill"
*Kerrie Lester - "Rebel"
*Mathew Lynn - "Wendy drawing"
*Lewis Miller - "My dentist - Dr Jonathan Hartley"
*Ian North - "Daniel Thomas at home, Northern Tasmania"
*John Olsen - "Self portrait Janus faced" (Winner of the Archibald Prize)
*Rodney Pople - "Kerrie Lester - after Goya"
*Ben Quilty - "Beryl"
*Abdul Karim - "Rahimi John McDonald"
*David Ralph - "Imagination - Adam and Harvie"
*Paul Ryan - "Archibald, Archibald, wherefore art thou Archibald?"
*Jenny Sages - "Gloria Tamere Petyarre"
*Garry Shead - "All the World's a Stage - Simon Phillips"
*Jiawei Shen - "John So, The Lord Mayor of Melbourne"
*Avril Thomas - "The Minister from down under"
*Deborah Trusson - "Naked"
*John R. Walker - "Self portrait"
*Xu Wang - "Jiawei Shen"
*Michael Zavros - "Portrait of Alex Dimitriades"

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