Figure 8

Figure 8

Figure 8 might refer to:
*Figure 8, an expression describing a Lissajous curve that resembles the number 8
*Figure 8, a circle that turns around upon itself, on its side is a symbol for infinity
*Figure eight knot, (also called a Flemish Knot), is a type of stopper knot and a mathematical theory

Math and science
*Figure 8 Orbit provides a stable solution to the three-body problem
*Analemma, a type of figure 8 that describes the position of the Sun over the course of a year
*Lemniscate, of Jakob Bernoulli, a type of mathematical curve that resembles a figure 8
*Figure 8 Puffer, a common name for Tetraodon biocellatus, a breed of pufferfish
*In topology, the rose with two petals

*Figure 8, the basis for compulsory figures in figure skating
*Figure 8 dribbling, an exercise drill for basketball
*Figure Eight, a piece of climbing equipment; see descender
*Figure 8 racing, a category of auto racing related to the demolition derby
*Figure 8, a riding pattern used in the training of horses
*Figure 8, a hip movement in Baladi dancing

*Figure 8, a pick-up pattern in certain microphones
*Figure 8 roller coaster, a Roller coaster track design
*Figure 8 Communications Cable, a type of self-supporting aerial communications cable

*Figure Eight Island, in North Carolina
*"Figure 8" (album), a 2000 album recorded by American singer-songwriter Elliott Smith
*Figureight, a community arts organisation from the inner-city of Sydney, Australia
*Figure 8 power connector, IEC connector C7 type for electrical appliances
*Figure 8 Films, a film production company

ee also

* Figure
* Eight

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