Elevator levitation

Elevator levitation

The elevator levitation is a variation of the Balducci levitation illusion. The magician shows himself clean in all possible ways (that is: he has no instruments to assist him with his trick). Suddenly, he levitates three to four inches off the ground, then, returning to the ground is seen without any special apparatus. Peter Loughran is the creator of this effect.


The Elevator Levitation uses a length of PVC pipe (alternatively: a block of wood) that the magician stands on with the heel of his foot and lifts himself into the air. The illusion is identical to a variation of the Balducci levitation as published in Pallbearer's Review in the 1970s. Balancing on the pipe and setting it in position requires considerable practice.

The gimmick, which the performer balances on, is initially attached to the performer's belt by a reel. When the performer is ready to perform the illusion, he triggers the gimmick to lower, and then, after he "returns to earth", the gimmick is reeled back up.Fact|date=June 2007

Another variation, suggested in The Chronicles in the late 1970s, is called "Elevator 2". In this version, the gimmick is metal, has mirrors on three sides, is spring-loaded, and folds up flat so it can be carried in pockets more easily. The mirrors make it possible for spectators to look under the feet of the magician while he levitates. The rest of the effect is virtually the same.Fact|date=June 2007


* [http://www.masterofillusions.ca/media/elevator2.asf Video of Loughran's Elevator 2]
* [http://www.ultimatemagic.com/library/read.php?trick=810 Alternate explanation involving a woman's shoe's heel attached through a hinge]

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