name = "Aegilops"

image_width = 310px
image_caption = "Aegilops speltoides"
regnum = Plantae
divisio = Magnoliophyta
classis = Liliopsida
ordo = Poales
familia = Poaceae
genus = "Aegilops"
genus_authority = L.
subdivision_ranks = Species
subdivision = About 27, See text.

"Aegilops" is a genus of plants generally known as goatgrasses and belonging to the grass family, Poaceae. There are about 23 species and numerous sub species in the genus. Various members of the genus are classed as agricultural weeds. Growing through the winter, they resemble winter wheat. They are able to hybridize with various types of wheat and are sometimes classified as members of the wheat genus, "Triticum".

"Aegilops tauschii" (also known as "Aegilops squarrosa") is important in wheat genetics as a parent of common wheat, "Triticum aestivum".

Selected species:
*"Aegilops bicornis"
*"Aegilops columnaris"
*"Aegilops comosa"
*"Aegilops crassa" - Persian goatgrass
*"Aegilops cylindrica" - jointed goatgrass
*"Aegilops geniculata"
*"Aegilops juvenalis"
*"Aegilops kotschyi" - ovate goatgrass
*"Aegilops longissima"
*"Aegilops lorentii" - Lorent's goatgrass
*"Aegilops neglecta" - three-awned goatgrass
*"Aegilops searsii" - Sears' goatgrass
*"Aegilops speltoides"
*"Aegilops tauschii" - Tausch's goatgrass
*"Aegilops triuncialis" - barbed goatgrass
*"Aegilops umbellulata"
*"Aegilops ventricosa"


This is the longest English word where the letters are alphabetically ordered.

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