Gobbo can refer to:
*"Gobbo" is an Italian good luck icon. He is commonly portrayed as being a well dressed hunchback in a suit and top hat and occasionally holding an umbrella, horse shoe, and/or a cornetto. He is also sometimes shown making a corna with one hand. It is supposed that if you rub his hump it will bring good luck. The word "gobbo" is often used in Italian as a synonym for hunchback.
*Gobbo, a goblin character in the children's TV series "Make Way for Noddy".
*Gobbos:Furry, loveable creatures found in the video game "" and Croc 2.
*Slang for goblins in the Warhammer Fantasy setting.


As a surname, Gobbo can refer to:
*Gian Paolo Gobbo, an Italian politician
*Sir James Gobbo, the 25th Governor of Victoria
*Renzo Gobbo, an Italian footballer and manager

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