The Bible and Its Influence

The Bible and Its Influence

"The Bible and Its Influence" is a textbook first published in 2005 to facilitate teaching about the Bible in American public high schools. Its publishers, the Bible Literacy Project, say the textbook allows schools to study the Bible academically while fully respecting the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. It is designed for teaching either a semester course or a full-year course on the literary and historical influence of the Bible.

The development took over five years, at a cost of $2 million, with contributions from 40 evangelical, Protestant, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Jewish and secular experts.fact|date=October 2008

Use in public schools

As of April 2008, the Bible Literacy Project reports that the textbook has been adopted by 179 schools in 37 states. On October 11, 2007, "The Bible and Its Influence" was designated by the Alabama State Board of Education as an approved textbook statewide. [ Bible Literacy Project press release announcing Alabama's adoption of the text] ] This designation allows schools throughout the state to purchase the curriculum with state funds.

Media commentary

"The Bible and Its Influence" has received extensive press coverage. The cover story of "TIME" on April 2, 2007, described the rising trend in Bible courses in public schools nationwide. "TIME" senior religion editor David Van Biema stated, " [Public school Bible electives] should have a strong accompanying textbook on the model of "The Bible and Its Influence", but one that is willing to deal a bit more bluntly with the historical warts." [,9171,1601845-1,00.html "The case for teaching the Bible,"] "TIME", April 2, 2007.]

In May 2007, "The Bible and Its Influence" was also featured in "Education Week" and on NBC's "Today" show. The New York State School Boards Association's "On Board" magazine also had favorable coverage of "The Bible and Its Influence", calling it "a remarkable textbook" in a July 31, 2006, review. [ Full text of review as provided by Bible Literacy Project] ]


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