Central Line (Tanzania)

Central Line (Tanzania)

The Central Line (former German name: "Tanganjikabahn" or "Mittellandbahn") is the most important railway line in Tanzania apart from TAZARA. It runs west from Dar es Salaam to Kigoma via Dodoma. A branch leads to Kigoma on Lake Tanganyika.


German time

The "Central Line" was the second railway project coming into existence in the colony of then German East Africa after the Usambara Railway. For the "Tanganjikabahn"-project a company was founded, the "Ostafrikanische Eisenbahngesellschaft" (OAEG) (East African Railway Company) which started railway construction in 1905 with 21 Million Reichsmark provided by Deutsches Reich. The building started at the port and capital of that time, Dar es Salam.

From the start the engineers fought large difficulties, the tropical climate, periodic heavy rain and lack of appropriate building material. On the other hand they could count on the experiences from the previous building of the Usambara-Railway. As there meter-gauge was chosen. The Central Line is the largest technical inheritance of the German colonial age in Tanzania.

The route followed an old caravan route to Tabora, which gave large logistic advantages. German settlers soon followed with plantations. So the small place of Tabora developed to a large agricultural centre. In 1907 Kilometer 200 was reached in the vicinity of the town of Morogoro. In 1909 the railhead reached Kilosa. Kigoma at Lake Tanganyika at kilometer 1252 was reached in 1914 just prior to First World War. The regular travel time over the total distance amounted to 58 hours. It was planned to develop the line further to Iringa and to reach Lake Malawi, a project which was stopped due to the war.

The construction of the line opened up trade between Lake Tanganyika and the east coast and spurred the growth of the ports at its termini.

British Mandate

The British mandate added to the Central Line three branch lines: The most important one of 379 km from Tabora to Mwanza at the south bank of the Lake Victoria. Another one from Kilossa to Mikumi and a third one in 1931 from Manyoni to Kiniyangiri. The last one was shut down in 1948 alreadyFact|date=August 2008.

After Independence

After the independence of Tanzania the Central Line and the Usambara-Railway were connected between the stations of Mruazi and Ruvu.

The Line

The Central Line connects the Tanzanian metropolis of Dar es Salam at the Indian Ocean with today's capital of Tanzania, Dodoma, in the center of the country and proceeds further to Tanzania’s most important port at the shore of Lake Tanganjika, Kigoma. It crosses central Tanzania completely with a length of approximately 1,250 kilometers and overcomes the height of the east edge East African rift valley.


Today’s railservices are offered by Tanzania Railway Ltd. The timetable [ [http://www.trctz.com/networkmain.htm Link to the timetable.] ] offers three passenger services per week in each direction covering the whole length of the line. A trip from Dar es Salam to Kigoma takes approximately 40 hours today according to the timetable. The long time of travel is due to the obsolete state of the railway’s infrastructure, which originates to a large extent still from the German colonial times. Three classes are offered, whereby the second class also provides sleeping cars and the first class offers sleeping cars only. The standard of a sleeping car of second class corresponds rather to a couchette by European standards.


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* [http://edocs.ub.uni-frankfurt.de/volltexte/2001/8017620/ Interior of a 1st class passenger car of the Tanganjikabahn previous to 1918]
* [http://www.jaduland.de/kolonien/afrika/bahn/images/mittellandbahn_jpg.jpg/ Construction of the Central Line.]

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