Barrier may refer to:
* Automatic full barriers, railway
* Barricade
* Crash barrier, highway
* Language barrier, culture/linguistics
* Noise barrier, noise prevention
* Road block
* Separation barrier, prevents the movement of people across a certain line or border or to separate two populations
* Sound barrier, a physical boundary stopping large objects from becoming supersonic
* Trade barrier, restriction of trade by government
* Vapor barrier, construction

In geography:
* Barrier, Voerendaal, a place in the municipality of Voerendaal, in southeastern Netherlands
* Barrier Bay, an open bay in Antarctica
* Coral reef
** Belize Barrier Reef
** Great Barrier Reef, Located in the Coral Sea off the coast of Queensland in north-east Australia
* Great Barrier Island is located in the north of New Zealand
* A misspelling of Barriere, British Columbia, a small community in Thompson-Nicola Regional District, British Columbia, Canada
* The Barrier, a lava dam in southwestern British Columbia, Canada

In other:
* Barrier (arcade game), a 1979 arcade game by Vectorbeam
* Barrier (computer science), a type of synchronization in parallel computing
* Barrier (pharmaceutical)
*"Barrier", the US name for "Bariera", a 1966 Polish film with Krzysztof Komeda, Jerzy Skolimowski, and others
* Smith Barrier, an American sports journalist
* Barrierfreeman, a fictional anime character

Structures with the word Barrier in their name:
* Barrier Highway, a State highway in New South Wales, Australia
* Fitch Barrier
* A Jersey barrier (K-rail), a common type of concrete barrier first used in New Jersey to divide highway lanes
* Thames Barrier, a flood control structure on the River Thames in England

ee also

* Barrière, French surname

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