Red Banner

Red Banner

Red Banner ( _ru. Красное знамя) was a symbol of the USSR associated with the Soviet state flag.

Military units, institutions and organizations (of the Soviet Army, Soviet Navy, MVD Internal Troops, etc.) awarded with the Order of the Red Banner are referred to with the honorific title "of the Red Banner" (Краснознамённый ("krasnoznamyonny"), e.g. The Red Banner Baltic Fleet or "The Twice Red Banner Alexandrov Soviet Army Choir").

Civilian establishments awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labour are also sometimes addressed with the "Red-Banner" honorific.

Transferable Red Banner

The Transferable Red Banner ( _ru. переходящее Красное знамя) was an award for collectives, winners in socialist competitions at various Soviet work places. The term "transferable" means that for a given kind of competition at a given establishment (enterprise, school, institute, clinic, etc.) or category of establishments (e.g., type of industry) there was a single physical copy of the award which was transferred to the next winner in the competition (held annually or quarterly). There were several levels of the award, depending on the level of the socialist competition: all-Union, republican, oblast-wide, industry-wide, enterprise/institution-wide, etc. [ "Red banners, transferable"] , from the "Great Soviet Encyclopedia" ru icon]

A similar award existed in a number of other communist states.


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