Eight ball (disambiguation)

Eight ball (disambiguation)

Eight ball (among other spellings) may refer to:

Games, sports and toys

* Eight-ball, a pocket billiards (pool) game; US-originating it is now an internationally standardized professional tournament game
* 8-ball pool and its variant blackball, a game closely related to eight-ball "(above)", commonly played at the amateur level in the British Commonwealth and its former members
* The Cuegloss|8 ball|number-8 billiard ball as used in pool
* "Behind the eight ball" refers to someone in a highly disadvantageous position or baffling situation. The idiom derives from the game kelly pool.
* 8-Ball, a character in the video game "Grand Theft Auto III"
* Don "8-Ball" Harris, a professional wrestler
* Magic 8-Ball, a toy that resembles the pool ball and purports to tell fortunes
* Eightball gun, a fictional grenade launcher featured in the "Unreal" computer game series
* "Eight Ball Deluxe" and "Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition", popular 1982 pinball machines with a billiards theme, manufactured by Bally Midway.


* Slang for one-eighth ounce (3.5 g) of a powdered psychoactive drug (especially cocaine, but sometimes heroin or methamphetamine) or a ball of crack cocaine
* A nickname for the Olde English 800 brand of malt liquor


* "Eightball" (comic book), a Daniel Clowes comic
* 8-Ball (comics), a Marvel Comics supervillain


* 8 Ball & MJG, a rap duo
* 8-Ball (band), a rock band from Okinawa
* 8 Ball (album), the first E.P. by the Burden Brothers
* "Eight Ball", an early N.W.A. song released on the multi-artist compilation "N.W.A. and the Posse"
* "2 Hookers and an 8-Ball", a song by Mindless Self Indulgence on their album "You'll Rebel To Anything"
* 8 Ball (song) is a song by U.K. electronic music band Underworld from the hits and B Sides album '1992-2002'. It was featured on the soundtrack to the film The Beach.
* Eight ball, a round black nondirectional microphone


* Eight ball, slang for a soldier often in trouble; misfit, sad sack
* "8-Ball" (aircraft), a World War II-era B-24 Liberator aircraft
* "Eight Ball", a nickname for the One-Million-Liter Test Sphere, a biological warfare test chamber facility located on Fort Detrick, Maryland, USA


*Eight Ball Nutrition (a.k.a. [http://www.8-ballnutrition.com 8-BallNutrition.com] ), a major manufacturer of energy drinks and nutritional supplements.
*8BallSearch.com, an Web search engine.

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