1928 in literature

1928 in literature

The year 1928 in literature involved some significant events and new books.


*Ford Madox Ford publishes "Last Post". It is the final book of a four-volume work titled "Parade's End" published between 1924 and 1928.
*George Orwell returns from Burma.
*Leslie Charteris publishes "Meet - The Tiger!", the first adventure of Simon Templar, alias The Saint. Charteris would write dozens of novels and short stories featuring the character on a regular basis between 1928 and 1963, and others would continue the series until 1983.
*W. H. Auden goes to Berlin.
*The clerihew, the verse form associated with Edmund Clerihew Bentley, is mentioned in print for the first time.

New books

*(anonymous) "Confessions of a Negro Preacher"
*Mário de Andrade - "Munacaima"
*Leslie Barringer - "Joris of the Rock"
*Charles William Beebe - "Beneath Tropic Seas"
*Henry Bellamann - "Crescendo"
*Edgar Rice Burroughs - "Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle"
*Morley Callaghan - "Strange Fugitive"
*Agatha Christie - "The Mystery of the Blue Train"
*Frank Parker Day - "Rockbound"
*Franklin W. Dixon - "Hunting for Hidden Gold"
*W. E. B. DuBois - "Dark Princess"
*Rudolph Fisher - "The Walls of Jericho"
*Esther Forbes - "A Mirror for Witches"
*Ford Madox Ford - "Last Post"
*E. M. Forster - "The Eternal Moment and Other Stories"
*Radclyffe Hall - "The Well of Loneliness"
*Hermann Hesse - "Steppenwolf"
*Georgette Heyer - "The Masqueraders"
*Aldous Huxley - "Point Counter Point"
*Ilf and Petrov - "The Twelve Chairs"
*Joseph Kessel - "Belle de Jour"
*Nella Larsen - "Quicksand"
*D. H. Lawrence - "Lady Chatterley's Lover"
*Claude McKay - "Home To Harlem"
*W. Somerset Maugham - "Ashenden"
*A. A. Milne - "The House at Pooh Corner"
*Dhan Gopal Mukerji - "Gay Neck"
*Vladimir Nabokov - "King, Queen, Knave"
*Baroness Orczy - "Skin o' My Tooth"
*Anthony Powell - "The Barnard Letters"
*Erich Maria Remarque - "All Quiet on the Western Front"
*Felix Salten - "Bambi, A Life in the Woods" (translation; the German original had appeared in 1923)
*Siegfried Sassoon - "Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man"
*Dorothy L. Sayers - "Lord Peter Views the Body"
*Arthur Schnitzler - "Therese"
*S. S. Van Dine - "The Greene Murder Case"
*S. S. Van Dine - "The Bishop Murder Case"
*Evelyn Waugh - "Decline and Fall"
*H. G. Wells - "Mr Blettsworthy on Rampole Island"
*Franz Werfel - "Class Reunion"
*Virginia Woolf - ""

New drama

*Bertolt Brecht - "The Threepenny Opera"
*Eduardo De Filippo - "Filosoficamente"
*Marieluise Fleißer - "Pioneers in Ingolstadt"
*Garrett Fort - "Jarnegan"
*Federico García Lorca - "The Love of Don Perlimplín and Belisa in the Garden"
*William Somerset Maugham - "The Sacred Flame"
*R. C. Sherriff - "Journey's End"
*Sophie Treadwell - "Machinal"


*Robert Frost - "West-Running Brook"
*Federico García Lorca - "Romancero Gitano"
*Siegfried Sassoon - "The Heart's Journey"


*Max Aitken - "Politicians and the War"
*Hall Caine - "Recollections of Rossetti" - second expanded version
*Sidney Bradshaw Fay - "Origins of the World War"
*Harold Lloyd - "An American Comedy" (autobiography)
*Margaret Mead - "Coming of Age in Samoa"
*H. G. Wells - "The Open Conspiracy"


*January 1 - Iain Crichton Smith, Scottish writer (d. 1998)
*January 7 - William Peter Blatty, American writer & filmmaker
*January 8 - Sander Vanocur, American journalist
*January 16 - William Kennedy, American writer & journalist
*January 24 - Desmond Morris, English anthropologist & writer
*February 5 - Andrew Greeley, Irish-American priest & novelist
*February 9 - Roger Mudd, American journalist
*March 4 - Alan Sillitoe, English novelist
*March 12 - Edward Albee, American dramatist
*March 30 - Tom Sharpe, English satirical author
*April 4 - Maya Angelou, American poet
*April 7 - Alan J. Pakula, American screenwriter (d. 1998)
*April 17 - Cynthia Ozick, American author
*April 24 - Martin Seymour-Smith, British poet, biographer & critic (d. 1998)
*May 4 - Thomas Kinsella, Irish poet
*June 10 - Maurice Sendak, American children's author & illustrator
*July 16 - Anita Brookner, English novelist
*July 26 - Bernice Rubens, Welsh novelist (d. 2004)
*October 3 - Alvin Toffler, American futurist writer
*November 2 - Paul Johnson, British historian & journalist
*November 9 - Anne Sexton, American poet (d. 1974)
*November 11 - Carlos Fuentes, Mexican writer
*December 16 - Philip K. Dick, American science fiction author (d. 1982)
*"date unknown"
**Jane Grigson, British cookery writer (d. 1990)


*January 8 - Juan B. Justo, Argentine journalist (b. 1865)
*January 11 - Thomas Hardy, English novelist & poet (b. 1840)
*January 19 - Hans Hinrich Wendt, German theologian (b. 1853)
*February 19 - Mildred Aldrich, American journalist (b. 1853)
*March 4 - Paul Sabatier, French religious writer (b. 1858)
*March 18 - Paul van Ostaijen, Flemish poet (b. 1896)
*March 24 - Charlotte Mew, English poet (b. 1869)
*April 19 - Ladislav Klíma, Czech novelist & philosopher (b. 1878)
*May 16 - Edmund Gosse, English poet & critic (b. 1849)
*July 8 - Crystal Eastman, American journalist (b. 1881)
*August 16 - Antonín Sova, Czech poet (b. 1864)
*December 16 - Elinor Wylie, American poet & novelist (b. 1885)
*December 19 - Italo Svevo, Italian writer (b. 1861)
*"date unknown"
**Henry Festing Jones, British biographer (b. 1851)
**Isaac Markens, American journalist (b. 1846)


* James Tait Black Memorial Prize for fiction: Siegfried Sassoon, "Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man"
* James Tait Black Memorial Prize for biography: John Buchan, "Montrose"
* Newbery Medal for children's literature: Dhan Gopal Mukerji, "Gayneck, the Story of a Pigeon"
* Nobel Prize for Literature: Sigrid Undset
* Pulitzer Prize for Drama: Eugene O'Neill, "Strange Interlude"
* Pulitzer Prize for Poetry: Edwin Arlington Robinson, "Tristram"
* Pulitzer Prize for the Novel: Thornton Wilder, "The Bridge of San Luis Rey"

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